Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beach Glass Explorations in Maine

Before we left Maine and drove home, we spent a few hours searching for beach glass and pieces of beach pottery.

We came armed with our eagle eyes and quart-sized ziplock baggies to hold our found treasure.

We started the expedition in a rocky cove, perfect for beach glass explorations.

I don't remember who found the first piece, but soon each of us had found at least a small piece of beach glass.

And I even found two pieces of beach pottery - one with a fabulous green and red pattern of a bridge and one just plain white.

Henry even found a piece of glass that looked like a flattened marble.

We were the only Beach Glass Explorers that day, but there were other people around us, mostly just sitting and enjoying the view.

And at one point, we were joined by a fellow explorer named Ella - although I think she was mostly just looking for dog treats.

My mother and father joined us for the first part of our exploration:

But when we moved on to a second location, the grandparents headed home.

Whereas our first stop had been a rocky cove, our next location was more of a rocky peninsula, jutting out into the ocean.

There were plenty of little rocky indents, filled with pebbles, glass and shells for us to uncover and plenty of beautiful views to admire:

Josie even visited a drift-wood shanty that some local person constructed.

Henry saw a snake slither out of the back just a few seconds later, so I'm glad I told Josie to just look and not climb in to the shanty!

We were hearty Beach Glass Explorers and we came home with ziplocks filled with treasures to add to our beach glass collections.  


Angie said...

What fun! The pictures are stunning!

Martha said...

Thanks, Angie - We always have such a great time when we visit my parents in Maine. I only wish we could get up there more often.

Dorothy Newhouse said...

This is a really nice place. I wonder why we havent been here. Hmmmn...Perhaps this will be our next spot. Thanks!


Martha said...

It is a beautiful spot, Dorothy. I'm glad to hear from you - a fellow sea-glass enthusiast. Stop by again soon.

jelly andrews said...

What a great experience you had. It seems fun and exciting. And the beautiful view just makes beach glass hunting more enjoyable.

Martha said...

Hello, Jelly - Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment! We did have a great time in Maine - it's such a gorgeous and relaxing place.

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