Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July Games

On the Fourth of July, while I was lying on the couch, moaning, and suffering from my Disney World Souvenir virus, Gordy and the girls were at our pool, participating in the annual Fourth of July Games. I sent the camera along with Gordy.  

Sadly, one day later, Gordy is on the couch, moaning, and suffering from his own (and different) Disney World Souvenir virus, so he is unavailable to explain what is going on in these photos.  I will have to wing it and make up the commentary.

For these few photos, I would guess that the girls are participating in a three-legged race.

They look like they are having a good time and from the looks of the next photo, that they were going fast:

Next up?  A potato sack race, I suppose.

I guess that Georgia felt herself above a potato sack race, since she isn't in any of these pictures and I recognize a few of her classmates, so it wasn't an age issue.

Oooh!  Maybe Josie won this race?  She certainly seems to be leaving everyone in the dust!

Go Josie!

And I did hear about this next set of photos.  These pictures illustrate the famous egg toss.  Josie paired up with her friend, Harry, and Georgia was joined by her friend, Amelia.

Gordy didn't manage to get any photos of Harry, but I liked the below photo of Harry's mother, cringing at her son's throw!

The reason I heard about this event, is that one of the eggs cracked on Georgia's head and she "had to take a shower" to get the raw egg off her hair.

Gordy didn't get any shots of the egg that broke nor Georgia's head covered in egg, nor of the shower.  He's a better parent than I am and was probably helping her out.  I would have been taking photos to later post on the internet.  "Turn towards me, Georgia!  I want to show the world what you look like with egg in your hair!"

The last of the land events was a giant tug of war.  

Again, I don't know who won.

I know there are land games followed by water games, but I'm not sure if these last few photos were taken during the water games portion.  It was a really hot day, and the girls might have just been swimming at this point and trying to cool off.

I think Gordy did a good job of capturing the day.  I'd tell him so, if I wasn't afraid to disturb him on his sick bed.  We are leaving for a weekend at my parents' house in Maine in a few hours and I'm hoping he'll be well enough to join us.  Are we the only two parents who came home sick from Disney World?  What's the deal with that!?!  I brought large amounts of Purell and we used it as often as we could, but I guess it didn't make a difference.  I did notice that there are no hand washing stations at Disney and even though you have to put your finger down on the same identification pad as the rest of the Disney World public, there's no hand cleaner anywhere to be found.  

It was hot and moist - a veritable petri dish for growing germs... that Gordy and I caught and brought home with us.  And I certainly hope we were the only ones to bring back disease... I can't take any more sickness this summer!  

Happy Weekend, everyone.

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