Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good-Bye, School! Hello Summer!

The day after school ended, we high-tailed it out of town, leaving the detritus of the school year and the contents of children's school desks / lockers behind.

Georgia's pile landed on the kitchen floor:

Henry's books, binders and study guides landed on the bench in our family room:

And Josie's mess never even made it out of our mudroom:

That was four days ago, and even though we got home late last night, I must confess that the school piles are still where they were dumped.  Henry and Georgia had sailing all day and I spent most of my day doing laundry, grocery shopping and unpacking.  I'll have the children sort, put away and garbage bin their piles later.  For the time being, the piles are acting as a reminder of the fact that there is no homework to supervise tonight and no test to help a child study for.  

And that is worth a little clutter.

We went to Disney World, if you were wondering.  

It was a fun-packed, fast-paced trip and we are all exhausted.  And not only because we didn't get home until 1:30am last night.  I didn't take too many photos because I was too busy enjoying the adventure, but I plan to blog about the Elliot's Children's First Disney World Experience throughout the summer (mostly when I don't have anything else to write about!)

Until then, I will summarize:  We walked miles, we rode a billion rides and we met a giraffe:

(pretty good photo, if I do say so myself!  That telephoto lens I bought back in 2005 was a really good investment.)

I'm off to move my laundry and pick Henry up from sailing, I will pass all three school piles on my way and I will smile each time.  Isn't summer just the best?

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