Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!  

We are spending our holiday at home - just the five of us.  We're going to relax, enjoy each other's company and have our own cook-out tonight.  Our town doesn't do fireworks on the fourth, so we'll probably just watch Boston's firework display on television.  

Gordy may take our children to the pool later this morning, but I will be camped on the couch, lying under a layer of blankets and no doubt moaning.  I brought home a nasty virus as my souvenir of Disney World and I'm not really feeling up to being social.

It was a busy first week of summer.  Georgia and Henry began another year of sailing lessons and Josie dutifully followed me around as I ran errands.  

The most exciting part of our week was the completion of our garden patio:

(as seen from an upstairs window)

.... and the installation of our new garden fence:

Next came the plants.  We all watched as an enormous fir tree was delivered:

... and installed in the back corner:

And then some more plants arrived:

There are additional bushes and another beautiful tree (this time a flowering one):

There are hydrangeas and rose bushes and all sorts of other greenery.... and for the next two days, Gordy and I are responsible for watering them all.  Eck!

Neither Gordy nor I have the best track record with keeping plants alive, but we're determined to break the cycle and have gardening success this time around.  

The grass and the perennials have yet to be installed and the kid's play yard is only half-way finished.  The project is moving along at a fast-pace, though, so I have no doubt it will all be completed soon.

We have never had any use for these two areas of our property and it's exciting to think about spending an evening in our back garden or watching the kids do their sports practice in the play yard.  

Happy July Fourth!

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