Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Swimming Hole

My parents live near a town swimming hole... or as I like to call it, the local water pit.

The swimming hole is really a wide section of  river, on which someone has built a concrete platform for jumping.  Oh.  And that same person put up a fence and a cement pathway to keep swimmers from falling over the edge of the rather powerful waterfall on the other side.

To get to the platform, you must first cross the pathway, which is about knee-high deep with water, rushing to get over the edge of the waterfall.

Here is a photo of Josie crossing the pathway:

On the other side of that fence is a good 10+ foot drop.  

When the children were much younger, I made them wear life vests at the swimming hole.  Not to help them swim - no - the life vests were simply to give my skinny children a little bulk in case they slipped on that pathway and found themselves swept under the fence and over the waterfall.   I figured a good, thick vest of floatation would wedge them up against the fence and prevent them from going over the falls.

I think of everything.

Nowadays, I trust the children to take it slow and hold on to the fence while they cross the waterfall and I've allowed them to leave the bulky vests at home.

And thank goodness, because it's hard to do flips in a thick life preserver.

Georgia went first:

And then Josie jumped...

and finally Henry. 

It was a hot day and the water felt great:

Gordy and I sat and watched the children swim from the side of the river.

When we first arrived, there were tons of people at the swimming hole, but one by one, they slowly left until we had the place to ourselves (sort of).  We aren't anti-social people, but having the swimming hole to ourselves was pretty awesome.

The less people waiting in line to jump, the more time you have to practice your flips and twists:

And to our children, it's all about the jumps and flips.  

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