Thursday, August 22, 2013

Block Island 2013

I'm still day dreaming about our three weeks on Block Island - it was the perfect trip.  We did lots of beachy things, like riding the waves on boogie boards, sunbathing, playing on the sand.. but we also did new things like enjoy a dinner picnic on the beach below our first rental house.

Your first rental house, you ask?  Yes.  That's right.  We have terrible rental house luck on Block Island.  This was our tenth summer vacation on the island and only the first time that we have ever rented the same house two years in a row.  Last year, we rented this house for two weeks and since two+ week rentals get first priority the following year, we figured that we were golden.... until we called to reserve this years vacation and were told that the home owner wanted the house during our two weeks.  

We ended up renting last year's house for one week and then switching to another house (in a different location) for the following two weeks.  It wasn't ideal.  Moving mid-vacation was a complete pain and we missed the ocean view of the first house and the location of the second home wasn't our favorite.  

But those were our only complaints.  The second and third weeks of vacation were wonderful.

We continued to go to the beach every day and we watched more than one amazing sunset:

We also flew kites:

And I took our Christmas card photos of the kids. 

After I had finished, Gordy took a photo of me with Henry - who after years of threatening to do so, is now my height (well, he has 1/2 inch to go!)

He towers over me when he's on skates, but that's another story.

Gordy had to go back to work after the first week, so the kids and I were on our own.  Right after we dropped Gordy off at the ferry, I took the children to the beach to watch the sunset and get a little energy out.

The sunset was gorgeous and the weather was mild and wonderful.

We spend so much time during the year, running around to activities, doing homework, studying for tests and just getting through each day.  It is such a luxury to be able to slow down and watch mother nature do her thing.

We all love Block Island.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons@ said...

It looks just beautiful and those are some great pictures of you and the kids!

Martha said...

Thank you, Lisa!

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