Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boogie Boarding

Block Island has fantastic waves.

We went to the beach every day of our vacation and the children did their fair share of boogie boarding.

I brought my camera to the beach one morning to try to capture all three of the children boogie boarding at the same time, but sadly - and unusually - it wasn't the best wave day.  The ocean wasn't cooperating with me.  

Josie went into the water first.  Cold water doesn't seem to bother Josie at all.

Cold water bothers Henry very much.  It took him longer to join his sister in the water...

but soon he was out in the surf as well.

Now I only had to convince Georgia to put away her book for awhile and get boogie boarding.

Like I said, there weren't very many waves this particular morning.  The ocean was more like a lake:

It was perfect for swimmers and people like me who don't really want waves crashing over their heads.

... but it wasn't exactly ideal for capturing the activity at hand.

It took a few tries...

but I eventually got the shot:

On good wave days, Henry, Georgia and Josie will spend hours in the water, riding waves, getting out of the ocean only to warm themselves in the sun, eat a snack or go searching for critters in the tidal pools.  Long gone are the days when Gordy and I had to entertain our children for hours on end at the beach.  The ocean is a fantastic baby-sitter.

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