Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fancy Dress & LED Posters: The Taylor Swift Concert Post

Guess who was rocking out with Taylor Swift the other night?  

Gordy was offered six tickets to the Taylor Swift Red tour and he scooped them right up.  We let Georgia and Josie each bring a friend and Gordy and I acted as chaperones (and Bathroom Visit Attendants).  Well, I acted as a Bathroom Visit Attendant, Gordy acted as a Food / Beverage Dispenser.

We arrived at Gillette Stadium early and had dinner before making our way over to the stadium itself.  

And when we did arrive, we were shocked at the enormous line waiting to get through security.

Yes, there is security at the Taylor Swift concert.

I used the wait time to take some photos.  Here is Josie with her friend Alexia:

And Georgia with her friend Emma:

We enjoyed people-watching while we waited.  The crowd was 95% female and more than 60% of them were dressed in Taylor Swift costumes.  The most popular  Taylor interpretation was a short, summery dress, cowboy boots and hat and bright red lipstick.  

Red was definitely the color of choice.

Once inside the stadium, we discovered that we had pretty terrific seats.  We weren't on the floor, but we were in the first section of seats after the floor and we were right in front of the stage.

Can you see in the below photo the two women wearing red and orange lego pieces on their heads?  

They were fans of Taylor AND Ed Sheeran, who sings a lego song and was one of three opening acts. This current generation is quite theatrical, apparently.  I've been to tons of concerts in my day and not once did I wear a costume or fashion a cardboard lego piece to wear as a hat.  The thought didn't even occur to me.

I went to a Madonna concert in 1994, but I left my pointy-cone bra at home.

We started to feel rather under-dressed, so the girls all bought tee shirts to compensate for our lack of Taylor Swift attire.  Here is a photo of Josie modeling her purchase for your benefit:

The opening acts weren't the best.  There was some male country singer who was alright and then some male Disney star who couldn't have been more than 14 and yet had a stage show that involved elaborate dance routines and back-up dancers.  

Ed Sheeran came on last, but the girls were too busy enjoying the ice cream that Gordy bought them to pay too much attention.

I watched Ed for awhile.  For his set, an enormous orange sheet with probably THE BEST photo ever taken of Ed Sheeran was raised onto the stage.  He sang four songs, each one longer and more tune-free than the last.  It was getting late and I was ready for bed.  I guess this is why I don't go to concerts for fun anymore.  I started to think about how my sister Elizabeth, with her little boy, would never have to go to a Taylor Swift concert ...  but then I thought about my own little boy, Henry (who was having a sleep over at a friend's house) and what musical group he would want to drag me to see in concert and I realized that Taylor Swift wasn't so bad.

At last Ed - and his egotistical sheet - left the stage.  Within minutes the stadium was filled to the brim.

Concerts have changed since the days when I used to frequent them.  In addition to wearing costumes, most people brought posters to hold up - and since Taylor wasn't coming on stage until it was dark, these posters were actually lit up with LED lights and battery packs.  There were no lighters allowed, but everyone used the flashlight apps on their iphones instead.

Gordy and I wanted to be modern, too, but without wearing red, high-waisted short-shorts or a cowboy hat, so we took a selfie.  

Sadly, neither or us is on twitter, so our modernity could only go so far.

And see that guy behind me in the red shirt?

When Taylor Swift came on stage, he screamed, "I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!" so loudly into my ear, that I can still hear it today.  

It wasn't just that young man, either.  Everyone was screaming their heads off.  The noise was deafening.

But it was worth it.  Taylor did a great job and put on an impressive show.

There were dancers, Broadway-like sets and way too many costume changes to count.  

 I only brought my tiny camera to the concert, so I didn't get any great pictures of Taylor herself.  She did get carried to a stage on our end of the stadium where she sang a few songs closer to us.

I didn't recognize too many of her songs, but they were lively and I thought she did a nice job.

For me the concert highlights were the final song, "We Are Never Getting Back Together" because there is nothing I like so much as a good female empowerment song and the surprise duet Taylor sung with Carly Simon.

It was nice to see Carly (even if Gordy did think she was Steven Tyler when she first came out).  It was an interesting choice for a duet, though, considering that Carly Simon is a generation older than even old-fogey me.  The teenie boppers and the tweens in the audience had no idea who she was.

The concert was long and the night was late.  All four children fell asleep in the car on the way home.  It was a fun night, though and definitely worth it.  

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