Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day(s) of School

It's Back-To-School time for some of us in Elliotland.  My cousin Lynne's daughter Brooke started her first year at Wellesley College yesterday.  Lynne and her family live in Idaho, so they all flew out to bring Brooke to college and spend some time sight-seeing in Boston.  Brooke will be spending the week at her college orientation, but the rest of her family will be staying at our house while they do the tourist thing.   Of course I took a photo to commemorate the event.  From the left: Lynne, Jorgen, Brooke and Craig.

Yesterday was also Henry's first day of school:

He is starting a new school this fall and Monday was the New Student Orientation day and Ice Cream Social.  Our family always feels social when ice cream is involved!  

It's an early start to school - the girls don't go back to our neighborhood school until after Labor Day - but Henry is being eased in slowly.  He had new student orientation Monday, there's no school today and then he has a regular day on Wednesday before he leave for a two-day/one night trip with his class on Thursday/Friday.  

I took my usual First Day of School photos by our family room fireplace to mark the occaision:

Henry's in 8th grade now which means that we have only this last year of middle school before he's a high schooler.  It's totally weird.  We are all very excited about Henry's new school and I know that Henry is eager to get going and start learning his new routines and meeting new people.  

Bring on the fall!

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