Thursday, August 29, 2013

If You Build It, They Will Come

Our new garden is flourishing.  The plants are growing taller and thicker;  the flowers are blooming magnificently.  We've even played host to some never-before-seen-by-us critters including the above gorgeous (and enormous) butterfly who landed on our fence and spent an hour or two resting in the sun.  

We've also seen toads, all sorts of honeybees and a few bats.

We are relived that all the plants survived the massive heatwave and the general lack of substantial rain.

And it's a relief to know that we ARE capable of keeping plants alive (with a great deal of help from our landscape designer and the installation company!)

In other news, Henry had his first full school day on Wednesday and the girls and I made him a cake to celebrate.

We used my favorite chocolate cake recipe from The Domestic Goddess herself:

and I made a concerted effort to allow the girls to do the baking entirely by themselves.

It takes a concerted effort since I'm not always patient when cooking with my children.

The mess can drive me crazy, but so can the pace of the scooping and measuring.

And some of us (cough-georgia-cough) aren't the best at following directions!

But regardless of the hassle, the cake turned out perfectly:

And tasted even better than it looked.

Henry had a great first day.  He chose his electives (art, technology, lacrosse) and met all his teachers.  He happily reported that the other kids were nice and that the macaroni and cheese lunch was delicious.  He left early this morning for the eighth-grade overnight trip to the shore where they begin their marine biology study for science.  It's strange to not have him at home, but the school year had to start at some point and I think Henry would say that he's relieved to have finally finished the first day and all that being The New Kid entails.  It should be a terrific year.


Angie said...

I'm so glad he had a great first day! How sweet of the girls to make a cake for him. It actually looks really good!!

Martha said...

Angie - it WAS good. And I ate way too much!

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