Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Halloween Sneak-Peak

Are my children the only ones who start thinking about their next years Halloween costume on November 1st?

It certainly doesn't help that costume companies start sending out mail-order catalogs around August 1st.

This year, the Children Elliot have TWO costume opportunites.

Georgia decided to have a "Dress As Your Favorite Book or Movie Character" theme for her Birthday friend party and we all elected to join in on the fun.  For her Halloween costume, Georgia chose to be a Greek Goddess:

Her costume arrived just the other day and she kindly posed in her dress and wig.

Georgia is dressing up as a female character from Percy Jackson for her friend party - we got the Camp Half-blood t-shirt from Etsy, but the special bead necklace has yet to arrive.  I'll be sure to post a photo of Georgia in her party costume once all the pieces are in place.

Josie chose to be a Josie Riding an Ostrich for Halloween:

but for Georgia's friend party, Josie is going as a female minion:

We were trying to go with all homemade costumes for the friend party, but a minion proved to be harder than we thought and it ended up being cheaper to just buy the ready-made suit.

The goggles have been a huge hit in our family.  We've all tried them on with great comic success.

I do not dress up for Halloween, although I plan to wear a costume for Georgia's party.  I'm going as the Head of my Hogwarts House, the great Professor Sprout of Hufflepuff.  I haven't put together my costume yet, but I'm planning to wear an old black cape - left over from a vampire costume that Henry wore back in his elementary school years - my gardening clothes/boots and a witch's hat covered in leaves and planting debris.  

As for Henry, he decided to be a Grumpy Old Troll for Georgia's friend party for which he will just wear his own clothes and spend the evening complaining about Georgia and her friends and cursing his homework.  It's the perfect costume for him - it requires almost no prep or any actual role play.

And Gordy?  What is he going to wear for Halloween / Georgia's party?

Well, it's funny you should ask.  Gordy has the best costume of all.

I mean, how funny is a Where's Waldo costume?  And how perfect for a book character party?

I know, I know - Gordy is a very, very good sport!


Jean said...

Love the costumes! Where did you find them? My 4 year old's school does a book character parade every year around Halloween. It is so fun to see the creativity.

Martha said...

Thank you, Jean! We got the Greek Goddess and Josie's ostrich suit from Halloween Express on-line. We bought the Where's Waldo outfit and the Minion outfit from one of those pop-up Halloween stores in our area. I love the idea of a book character parade. I like the idea of tying reading / books to Halloween. Anything that gets children excited about literature is good to me!

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