Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Tiny Update

The Labor Day Weekend has confused my usual posting schedule.  Today's post (like Sundays) is going to be short and sweet.  Georgia's soccer tournament took up the entire three day weekend and we didn't really do too much else.  The good news is that Georgia's team, NEFC MetroNorth United White won the tournament.... and the game-winning goal was scored by our very own Georgia!  


Georgia prefers to play Defense but her coach moved her to Center Mid for most of these tournament games and Center Left for the last game and that is why she was able to score.  

No one was more surprised by her goal than Georgia herself.

It was all very exciting, as you can imagine.

In other news, I did find time to take Henry on a practice run of his occasional afternoon commute home from school:

His new school is not at all close to our house and on days that the girls have to be at their activities before Henry's school dismissal, Henry is going to be re-enacting the movie, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" just to get himself home..... well, if you change the plane part for a bus and the automobile part for the subway.... and if you do all three things without the entertaining company of either Steve Martin or John Candy.  

You get what I mean, though, right?

As part of our practice run, Gordy dropped us off at the T stop near Henry's school and I made Henry direct me home.  Since I'm currently typing these words on my home computer, obviously Henry did a very good job and we made it back to our town in one piece.  

Choosing this school for Henry was a no-brainer - we know it's going to be the prefect place for him.  But the location is not ideal, I'm not going to lie.  We managed to get him into a van service for the morning commute but the afternoons are much trickier what with sports and activities.  It's good to know that Henry is capable of getting himself home and navigating the city without any issues.  I'm really not surprised, Henry is a seasoned traveller....  and after all, city kids do it all the time.

School starts Wednesday for the girls.  The first day of school outfits have been picked out and backpacks are filled to bursting with supplies.

I'll be sure to take / post photos of their first day.

And in final House Keeping News, I've joined Instagram.  There's some way to put a link on my sidebar, but I haven't had time to figure that out yet.   In the meantime, my user name is Itstheelliotway.

Look me up and follow me!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons@ said...

Yay for Georgia!! and wow! for Henry!! We live out in the country so the subway is foreign to us (or at least our kids). I can't imagine them having such a trek home, but I;m sure Henry will do great!

Martha said...

Lisa - thank you. Henry's commute certainly will be an adventure!

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