Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone.  I'm late getting my usual Sunday post written / uploaded and that is because we've been at a soccer tournament watching Georgia and her teammates defeat every team pitted against them.  

These were the first few games of the season and they've been truly exciting.

It hasn't been the relaxing beach weekend that some people enjoy for the last holiday of the summer, but people with sports-crazy children don't get the luxury of sitting on beach chairs and mellowing by the crashing surf.  No, those of us with sports-crazy children instead spend long weekends at hot soccer complexes, watching 10 year old children battle it out on the fields and listening to 40 year old children parents scream and yell on the side lines.

I'm not joking about that last part, either.  Today, a father (from the opposing team) rushed onto the soccer field to check that his "injured" daughter was okay and to lecture the referee while he was out there.  

I've never, ever seen a parent run onto the field (or rink) to complain before.  It was both amazing and horrifying at the same time... and I loved it.  Is there anything better than some good, old-fashioned drama?

Since Georgia's team won all their games, they've made it to the finals tomorrow.  The team that they play is pretty good, so we aren't sure of the outcome... but win or lose, it will be a fun game to watch.

I'm feeling very bittersweet about the end of summer.  We had such a great two months.  First there was our trip to Disney World in Florida and then we were home for a few weeks during which Henry and Georgia sailed and Josie had field hockey camp.  We enjoyed a visit from my sister and nieces and got to spend a weekend in Maine with my parents.  We also got to see Gordy's sister and our nephew, Ned, which was a treat.  We went to the New England Aquarium, the Peabody Essex Museum and a Taylor Swift Concert.  And then we had our three magnificent weeks on Block Island, where we relaxed, had no schedule, no commitments, and no responsibilities... the kids and I relaxed, played, talked and laughed.  It was an amazing bonding experience and I am so grateful to have had the chance to spend such a long amount of time with three such fabulous people.  If only Gordy had been able to spend those three weeks with us, too.  He was terribly missed.

I am excited for the fall - at least that's what I'm telling myself.  We will get used to our new crazy schedule and we get into the routine.  I'll miss having the children around during the day, but it will be nice to go to the grocery store without them, too!  

Summer had to end sometime!

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