Sunday, September 8, 2013

Josie's First Soccer Game Ever

Josie had her first soccer official soccer game on Saturday.  

And boy did she love it.

During their first fall of soccer, eight-year-olds do what I like to call "running in clumps."

They TRY to play actual positions, but it doesn't always work out that the forwards are in the front and the defensive players are in the back.  

It doesn't help that most of the kids have no idea which position is which or where they are supposed to be during the game.

It may not be the prettiest game to watch, but it sure is enjoyable.

Josie's team of girls were incredibly enthusiastic and eager to play a good game.

There were no children picking flowers in the corner or counting clouds in the sky as the play happened around them.

(Both of these things happened on the team that Henry joined when he was in 3rd grade.)

Josie even scored two goals!

and she had one fantastic assist.

Her team lost, though, 4-3.

No one seemed to care - most eight year olds don't really pay much attention to the score, which is a good thing.

When the game was finished, Josie complained about the match being too short.  There was even mention of wanting to play another game that same afternoon.

I'd call that a success.

I took a ton of photos since Gordy and Henry weren't able to be there to watch Josie's first game.

They were playing the second of Henry's four weekend hockey games.  Gordy's parents came for a weekend visit and they got to see:  a Friday night hockey game (Henry), a Saturday morning soccer game (Josie), a Saturday afternoon hockey practice (Josie), a Saturday evening hockey game (Henry) and a Sunday morning soccer game (Georgia).  They'll miss Henry's last hockey game this afternoon, but that's okay: three hours in an ice rink is plenty.

So it's official.  We're back in the swing of things - homework even started back up (lucky us!).  In a few seconds, you'll find me back in the kitchen, watching over the homework do-ers, keeping peace between bickering siblings and helping to find supplies, books and assignment sheets.  

We're back to being busy, but we're happy.

And that's a good thing.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Yay Josie! My 8 year old (Megan) started playing soccer last spring and she loves it! She even plays goalie whenever she can! :-)

Martha said...

Lisa - soccer really is a wonderful sport, isn't it? I'm impressed that Megan enjoys playing goalie... my children are not huge fans of that position!

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