Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Second First Day of School

Since Henry's been getting up early and going to school for a week now, it only seemed fair that Georgia and Josie should give up the ghost and start their school years as well.  

Both girls had their First Day outfits sorted before the big morning.  Josie wanted to wear a dress but rejected all her summery dresses ... she ended up wearing the same dress she wore for the First Day of School last year.  The good news about growing very little over the course of the year is that this sort of Self-Hand-Me-Down is possible.

Georgia chose a new outfit which she selected from Nordstroms all by herself.

The fact that Georgia is wearing a) Color b) Pattern and c) A DRESS is a happy sight.  We had a shopping trip a few weeks ago that was a complete joy.  If you had told me a year ago that Georgia would take interest in her clothes I would never have believed you.

We had time to kill after our indoor photos, so I took some outdoor shots as well:

Our neighbor Audrey has moved on to Middle School, so it was just the three of us taking pictures and preparing for the First Day on our street.

Next year, Josie will be the Cheese Who Stands Alone.

Our school district is very fond of the Early Release Day, so the girls weren't actually in school for very long.  I picked them up a scant three hours after I dropped them off.  

The day was a success, though.... especially for me, since I had the opportunity to meet Josie's teacher before school and I was overly pleased (giddy, really) to see that even though Josie had described said teacher as being my age, she was actually a good 15 years younger than I was!  Obviously, I take compliments whenever I can get them, but that poor young teacher should be rather insulted!

I was texting the story to my friend, Janet, who added a story of her own, which I will share with you verbatim: 

"Ah... love through the eyes of our youngest!  C [her son] told me that I don't even look 50 but more like 30.  'I mean have you seen some other mothers???  They're wicked old looking.  We're lucky you're still young looking!  Seriously!'  That of course was put in perspective when he told me last week I was so skinny while walking down the beach... Then said all except 'your bum is a little bit biggish.'"

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Even those of you with little bit biggish bums!

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