Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Weekend

We had another busy, sport-filled weekend.  It started off with a bang - Friday evening was my turn to drive 6 ten-year-old girls to and from soccer practice - a long and silence-free, 45 minutes in each direction.  

But I'm certain that you all know this already, since the girls were SO INCREDIBLY LOUD that I have no doubt that you could hear them from wherever it is you live in this world.

You were probably sitting on your couch, watching tv, when a loud, distracting noise entered your ears.  You then probably muted your television to try to figure out from where the dreadful screeching noise was coming.... and then it dawned on you, the racket wasn't coming from a Formula One race roaring past your house  or a heavy metal concert in your backyard, it was just the NEFC MetroNorth United U10 girls soccer team, screaming their way home from practice.  Each 10 year old girl louder than the next (and trust me, my own child was right there, doing her share).  

And I was the lucky person who got to drive them all home.

I know you are jealous and I'd gratefully acknowledge your words of congratulations, except my ears are still ringing and I can't hear a word that you say.

To soothe my frayed nerves, I made myself a lovely Blood Orange Martini upon arrival home:

It was as delicious as it looks.

The next morning, I brought Josie south of the city to the town of Milton to play a soccer game.

Josie volunteered to play goalie for the second half, to get the turn over with.

Josie is not a fan of the goalie position, as you might remember from her 50-minute sobbing jag during  her hockey goalie turn last year.  

Josie has already let Gordy and I know that she is not going playing goalie again this year.  And she implied that if we made her, she wouldn't be responsible for her actions.  

..which worried us, since Josie is a lot more street-wise than your typical eight year old.  I shudder to think what it would look like if Josie went postal.

Josie wasn't the only Elliot with attitude this weekend.  

Mean Mother and Mean Father dragged Georgia to an ice hockey rink and made her suffer through one of Henry's town team games.

We are quite the sadists, I know.  I didn't feel too badly about making her do something she didn't want to do - if you don't know why, feel free to scroll back to the top of this post and reread the section about my carpooling experience.  

She owes me and my burst eardrums big-time.

Contrary to what Georgia would tell you, Henry's game was very exciting.

He got a hat-trick (three goals) and the team won.

Gordy is the Head Coach and he was obviously proud of the team.

Afterwards, the girls and I waited outside in the sun while Henry got changed back into his street clothes.  

Georgia's mood hadn't improved.

But Josie was in high spirits:

This morning, Josie and I got up at 5:30am to drive to her hockey game in Cambridge.  Usually Gordy handles all those early morning games, but Gordy/Henry had their own game to go to in Hingham.  

Josie's team won about 60-1.  I don't know the exact score because they don't post goals on the scoreboard at this level.  I'd hanker to guess that it wasn't the opposing team's best game.

Henry's working on homework right now, Georgia is reading in her room and Josie is walking around looking for things to do.  Georgia has a soccer game in a couple of hours and at some point, I'll have to make a trip to the grocery store so that we have some food to eat and supplies to make lunches tomorrow.

Burst-eardrums, wretched carpools, sulking kids, sports, sports, sports - it's been a typical weekend.

How was yours?

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