Thursday, September 26, 2013

Photo Booth

I bought my Apple computer about two years ago and I've probably only used about five of it's available programs.  I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm not particularly computer savvy either.  I use the internet and the email, obviously, and I upload my photos to Aperature and occasionally type a document on Microsoft Word, but that's about it.  There are about 10 buttons at the bottom of my computer screen that look pretty and interesting, but I've never bothered to open them up or figure out what they do.  So imagine my surprise this morning when, during a moment of blog writer's block, I clicked on the PhotoBooth button on my toolbar and found that my children have been "climbing into the booth" constantly and leaving behind their calling cards.  

Some photos are quite creative, too.  

Apparently, there are multiple options in this photo booth.  You can turn your portrait into a charcoal drawing:

or some sort of strange stretched face picture:

I'm not sure what you call the below effect, but I like it:

There were some great Andy Warhol-type pictures and ones with props and backgrounds, but my favorite were plain and more innocent:

Look how cute and little Josie looks!

And look at this one:

I think it might have been the photo my computer took when it was first turned on.  I had forgotten that we even all posed for that one.  Too bad Georgia wasn't there that day.  

I wonder what would happen if I click on that Guitar icon - have my children written their own songs?  What about the Movie Star button?  I'd better check this all out.  Maybe they haven't been playing Minecraft during their weekend computer-hour.  

What I obviously need to do is have my children give me a tutorial on how to use my own computer.  They obviously know a lot more about Apple products than I do.  


Kids T shirts said...

Now that's how you have fun in a photo booth! Great work guys!

Martha said...

thank you!

Angie said...

Ha Ha- What a great surprise!
If anyone knows how to work computers, it's kids!!!

Martha said...

You are so right, Angie! Henry knew more about computers as a one year old than I know now!

it's scary, really!

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