Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photographing Children & Children Photographers

I am constantly taking pictures of my children.  My camera is always out and no event is too unimportant for me to document.  I don't care how big or how small a moment;  I give not a single thought to how horrified my child will be when he/she is older and sees these photos.  Nothing prevents me from snapping a photo (or ten).  I have no photography filter, I suppose.  

My name is Martha and I'm that embarrassing mother who makes her child take photos while picking up her cello from the rental company.  

Don't you wish you were my child?

Josie is probably the best sport when it comes to having her photo taken.  She readily poses and hams it up for the camera.  And it's a good thing Josie doesn't mind the camera, because she creates a wealth of photo opportunities.

It's all good when I run and get my camera to take a picture of Josie on the day she walked around with socks on her ears:

Or the day that she came downstairs, post-shower wearing her towel tucked into her nightgown, pretending to be an old woman with a hunch back:

Why wouldn't you want a photo of that!?!

I try to get photos of the good moments, too.  I almost got a great shot of Georgia and Josie spontaneously hugging the other day:

sadly, it didn't turn out.

At least, they let me try.

I don't have the same sort of luck with Henry.  Thirteen year olds do not like to be photographed.  Case in point:

"Henry!  Look this way and smile!"

"Henry - I want to take a picture of you studying with your father.  Look up!"

My paparazzi work pays off, though.  I probably took 75 photos on the day that I got this one:

And sometimes I can catch the elusive 13 year old face (and smile):

And when she's older, I just know that Georgia is going to love being able to see how she looked when she was 10 and playing soccer:

Although maybe we shouldn't mention that I posted a photo of her with her tongue out in concentration on the internet!

Which brings me to the one person ISN'T in our photos... me.

I'm really the only photographer in our family and you don't find me very often in our photo albums.  I'm trying to be better about this and I've been handing off my camera to one of the children and getting in front of the lens for a change.

That's how we got this great shot of Gordy and me on Block Island:

of course, handing over expensive camera equipment to juveniles isn't always the best idea.  For one thing, my children never STOP taking photos and I have way too many photos of me, striding forward with my arm outstretched, trying to take back what is rightfully mine. 

Give me the camera!

Enough!  Hand me that camera:

And this one was a funny one.  

Henry took this shot of the girls and me at the science museum:

And then he must have said something particularly rude right before he took the next shot:

Children are not good at focusing or centering their subjects.  Their view point is slightly underneath the adult they are trying to photograph which results in a wide variety of nostril photos.

I keep letting them try and perhaps one day they will take over photography duties completely and suddenly this blog will be filled with pictures of ME and my daily routine.  

I shudder just thinking about it!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

I love your photos!! I am a terrible photographer and there are very few photos that include me. Oh, and my oldest is only 11 but she does exactly what Henry does every time I try to take a picture os her!

Martha said...

Thank you - I like them, too! And come to think of it, Henry's been doing the Photo Avoidance thing for at least two years. Maybe it's the age!

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