Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Elliot Family Orchestra ...

... has gained another member:

This year, Josie is starting cello lessons at school.  

We picked up her rental instrument yesterday afternoon.  Josie had to try out two different size cellos before everyone (who knew anything about the subject) agreed that even the smallest cello was a little too large, but would just have to do.  

While the tiniest cello was packed up, I signed rental agreements and Josie tried hard to grow.

Did you know that cellos are worn like backpacks these days?

What will they think of next?

I made Josie do her homework before trying out her new cello, but the second that last grammar sheet was finished, you'd better believe that she had the instrument out of it's case and noise was issuing out of my family room.

I played the violin throughout elementary school, junior high and high school and I was able to teach Josie how to hold the bow and where to put her fingers.  

Sadly, that's the end of my cello help, I'm afraid.  I don't read bass clef and I don't know the finger spacing of a cello.

It can't be THAT different, though, right?  

I'm a tad worried about the whole practicing thing... Henry played the clarinet for two years and Georgia is playing the flute - both of those instruments use the treble clef and I was able to at least help them with the melody when they got stuck.  

I'd better get on the internet and teach myself bass clef, pronto.  And there's probably a You Tube video I should watch about teaching cello to 3rd graders.

The cello sounded beautiful - it's a much easier instrument on the ears than the squeaky clarinet (mercy, the sounds that used to come from that poor instrument!) or the painfully high-pitched flute.

Georgia even had to give the instrument a try, before she decided that the flute was much easier and she left to go practice before her own lesson.

Gordy played the violin and the trumpet when he was little, so our family orchestra is filling out.  Two violins and/or trumpet, a cello, a flute and a clarinet.... that's not bad, really.  

We'll let you know if we put on any concerts!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Yay for Josie! My youngest started taking piano lessons this fall. I took piano for years but never really got the hang of it. However, I can read the music and help her count out the rhythm. I also played clarinet in 7th/8th grade band but wouldn't even be able to play a single note now! :-)

Martha said...

Lisa - I never had much success with the piano either! I'm impressed when anyone can play two different parts with their two hands.

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