Monday, October 14, 2013

Block Island in October

We took a day trip to Block Island yesterday.  We had never been on Block Island in the fall before and we are happy to report that although we weren't able to swim in the ocean, boogey-board on the waves, bask in the warm sun or eat ice cream, Block Island was just as wonderful in the crisp, cold air.

We arrived on the 9am ferry and we brought only our bicycles for transportation:

We started off with a brisk bike ride around the island.  It was pretty cold and we all needed to warm up.

We took a break long enough to play three wholes of golf at the Sit Your Butt & Take A Putt bench:

We will never be professional golfers, that is for sure!

We also stopped at Grace's Cove and walked along the beach:

The wind was really blowing, but it wasn't freezing:

Our return ferry was scheduled for 5pm, so we decided to eat our "dinner" at lunch.  We ended our bike ride in town and found one of the only remaining off-season restaurants and had an enormous meal.... which made the thought of getting back on our bicycles and riding on full stomachs rather gross, so we walked from lunch to the zoo to say hello to the llamas, the camels and Tank the Tortoise:

Tank was in his house - snuggling with his giant bunny friend - so we had to make due with posing by the tortoise statue instead:

and then we walked over to the park where the old Ocean View hotel once stood (it burned down in a great fire back in the 1960s):

The path up the hill is paved with cement stones made by local children.

Each "stone" holds debris found on the local beaches.  My children enjoy looking closely at each paver and counting the many household items:

At the top of the hill, Josie played with the water pump and sprinkled the plants with the watering can:

and then we ran around the strange grass-covered dirt mounds and enjoyed the ocean view.

There was more to our trip - we went to Town Beach and watched crazy people body surf in the freezing cold water and we did a little shop in town - but the Ocean View park was the last time my camera made it out of the bag.  You will just have to take my word for it.

The end of our day trip wasn't as pleasurable as the beginning or the middle.  The winds caused the high speed ferry to be cancelled and so the ferry people postponed our 5pm regular boat until 6:15 to accommodate the stranded high speeders.  By the late afternoon, we were all cold, tired, with no where else to go and ready to be home.  It was a small glitch in our plans, but it meant a late night return a missed blog-post from me.

We do get some more "beach" time however.  The kids are off from school today and we are planning to take my cousin's daughter, Brooke, to a north shore beach for a hike.  

More on that tomorrow!

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