Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Georgia's Costume Party

Georgia's birthday falls at a hard time for parties.  Precariously close to Thanksgiving, her special day is surrounded by dance recitals, sporting tournaments, holiday parties, family vacations, the birthdays of about five other friends and three major holidays.  Every year, it's been a scramble to fit Georgia's friend party into the hub-bub that is November and December.  One year, we even waited until after the new year to throw Georgia's party and last year, we skipped the party altogether and gave Georgia a large cash settlement instead (which she spent on books and thoroughly enjoyed).

This year, we vowed to hold Georgia's friend party BEFORE her actual birthday - before the choas of the holidays and before all her other friends (those with more organized parents) took up the remaining Saturday afternoons before Christmas.

Georgia chose a Dress As Your Favorite Book or Movie Character theme and we picked a random day in October.  

Georgia dressed up as Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series.  We bought her a Camp Half-blood teeshirt and Annabeth's bead necklace from Etsy, a dagger from the local Halloween costume shop ...

and I did my best attempt at a french braid: 

The rest of us dressed up, too:

You've seen Gordy and Josie's costumes already, but now you can see my Professor Sprout outfit:

I wore gardening clothes (as Professor Sprout is the Herbology teacher) and tapped a Hufflepuff badge to an old cloak....

And pinned some plastic plants onto my witches hat:

I was pleased with my costume, even though I didn't wear it for too long.  My hat was way too large for my head and the old cloak I used wouldn't stay attached.  

 The guests all arrived at once and the costumes were really awesome.  

Ally was Vilma Flintstone:

and Chloe was Pippy Longstocking:

Caroline dressed as Sophie Foster from Keeper of the Lost Cities:

I didn't get an individual photo of each girl, but I did get a great group shot:

Clockwise starting with Georgia:  Annabeth from Percy Jackson, Laura Ingalls, Sophie Foster (Keeper of the Lost Cities), a girl minion, Elmo, Vilma Flintstone, Edward Tulane (The Adventures of Edward Tulane), Grace wearing a fabulous costume that looked like Eloise with a noose around her neck but wasn't and we sadly didn't catch the name of the character or book, Pippy Longstocking, Ruby Redfoot (from Clarice Bean and also the Ruby Redfoot books) and finally Cass (The Name of This Book is a Secret).

The party started and Gordy acted like Where's Waldo and attempted to disappear into the crowd family room to watch tv.

We had dinner:

and then the girls settled into the basement to watch a movie:

The movie (a muppet movie from the 80s) wasn't a huge hit and around 20 minutes in, most of the girls had stopped watching.  We moved to plan B and opened presents:

and took our time eating cake:

Georgia got some great gifts - the majority of which were books - and will be kept nicely busy writing thank yous.

The party ended at 8 o'clock and I'd say it was a huge success.  We can now enter November with the peaceful knowledge that at least one event is already accomplished.  We'll still celebrate Georgia's birth with a family party and an over-sized fuss, but we won't have to stress about squeezing a friend party in around everyone's crazy schedule.  I'm not sure why we didn't think of this before!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

What a cute idea! My middle one's birthday is Dec. 9 - a terrible time for party planning! We are having a terrible time settling on a party idea this year. She wants to do a horseback riding party, but Dec. weather is unpredictable and the cost is high. We need to ocme up with something simple yet fun! :-)

Martha said...

A horseback riding party?!?! Oh my - I have no suggestions to help you with that one! There's not many ways you can bring that kind of theme indoors! Georgia always wants to do some sort of cake/cupcake decorating party but the thought of baking with a party of nine girls, seems crazy. I liked this costume theme, but Gordy and I both think that next year we will have to be better at planning games and activities. When the movie proved to be a bust, we were at a complete loss as to what to do next!

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