Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Window Painting

Our little New England town has some big traditions.  There's the Thanksgiving football game against our town rivals, there's Town Day in June and most importantly, there's Halloween Window Painting in October.  We hadn't signed up to paint windows for a few years, and I could sense the children would soon age-out of the activity.  I wanted them to have the chance to participate one more time before it became un-cool to do.

The last time we painted a window, we did it "family style" and had all three kids share one window.  And while I wouldn't say it was a disaster, I would also not say it was a success.  This time, I wised up and "bought" both girls their own window.  We arrived at our designated area right after Josie's early morning soccer game.  The sun was out, but the air was cold and the wind was extra-blowy.  Georgia and Josie quickly got to work, painting their backgrounds.

Painting the backgrounds took a much longer than we expected.  We remembered half-way through that last time, we brought a roller to do the job more quickly.  

We did remember the egg-cartoons for holding the paint close to our window canvas and we remembered the water/cups to rinse the brushes, so that's something.

While we were painting our windows, little children were trick-or-treating, in and out of the stores around us.  I knew that our town center did a trick-or-treat event too, but I'd never seen it before and it was highly entertaining to watch.

We kept wondering if these children went trick-or-treating AGAIN on the actual Halloween, or is this it for them?

Because if this was it, they were definitely getting the short end of the stick!  

Georgia finished her background first and began to paint her green witch face, Josie was still filling in holes in her blue sky... but each time she filled in one hole, another appeared.

The background paint was peeling off!  It was the strangest thing.

The paint we were using was the correct type of paint.  We followed the directions on the back of the jar... I went off to the toy store to see if they had different paints and to ask if anyone knew why our paint wasn't working.  Along the way, I passed other finished windows - most with paint peeling off the glass.  The toy store owner said that we were supposed to mix an ajax-like cleanser into our paint to make it stick better, but I was thinking that the real problem was the cold temperature.  

Georgia and Josie plodded on... peeling paint and all.

Josie started painting her spooky house.

Georgia put the finishing details on her scary witch:

Josie discovered that the sponge brush covered the easiest:

Strangely, it was only the bottom of the window that was peeling.  Could it have been caused by heat rising up from a heating duct inside the store?

We decided to ignore the less beautiful parts of the window and focus on the parts that were working.  Georgia finished quickly - I think she might have already reached the age where painting windows was un-cool, but just hadn't realized it until she started painting the actual window.  

Josie, on the other hand, was the perfect age and she took her time making her painting perfect and detailed.

She painted her spooky house, a few bats in the sky and a full moon.  She finished up with the very imaginative title "Halloween."

I had the girls pose by their finished windows (peeling paint and all).

We can't wait for Halloween!

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dana said...

hi,we emailed a few months ago and you were kind enough to allow me to use a photo of your family (pond hockey) as a reference for a watercolor illustration for a calendar. I've completed it and will be happy to send the original to you but I've lost your snail mail address. If you want the painting (and it's not great, your son was particularly difficult to capture) and will send me your address, I"ll mail to you. cheers.

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