Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! (Part Two)

Josie is so - SO - so happy that Halloween is finally here!

She picked out her costume at least a month ago and has been trying it on almost weekly since it arrived in the mail.  I'm fairly certain that there isn't a person alive within a 10 mile radius who doesn't know that Josie is dressing as a girl riding an ostrich for Halloween.

Unless it's a person who is talented enough to zone out the babble of an overly excited eight year old.

It IS a pretty spectacular costume.  

The whole thing ingeniously fills with air from a fan located near the tail feathers:

The costume would be pretty lame without the fan (which is why we have been limiting Josie's usage until after Halloween).  Once the air stops, the ostrich dies pretty quickly and the costume gets hard to figure out:

Georgia made a costume change.  She decided to ditch her Greek Goddess costume and repeat her Annabeth Chase (from the Percy Jackson books) outfit instead.

I'll just put away the Greek Goddess costume and hope Josie will wear it in the future.  

Sadly, it's currently raining here in Massachusetts and I took these photos quickly before the sun disappeared and darkness fell.

We had a ten minute window between coming home from school and doing homework and we lucked out that it was during those same 10 minutes that the sky cleared.

And yes, you did read that correctly - our children have homework on Halloween.  Enough homework, it might be added, that I don't think we are going to have time to carve our pumpkins.  

It's probably for the best, though, since we bought them about a month ago and they're more than a little rotten.  I got out the sharpie markers and told the girls to decorate their pumpkins quickly before the rain came.

And that's when we realized that drawing on pumpkins is easier than carving and a whole lot less messy.

Not to mention that you can draw a whole lot more details than you can carve.

Well, than WE can carve, I mean.

They had just enough time to finish the last few details, when the rain came and I dashed back into the house:

Now we just have about an hour of homework to finish before the trick or treating begins.... oh.  And I have to pick up Henry from the train station.  I'd better not forget that step!  

Why can't Halloween be on a Saturday?!?!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

My Rachel dressed up as a Greek Goddess!! I swear she and Georgia would be best of friends if they ever had the chance! (She loved the Percy Jackson books too!) And, we didn't even carve a pumpkin this year!

Martha said...

I've convinced that Rachel and Georgia would be friends, too! I actually loved that Greek Goddess costume and was a little bit bummed that she didn't wear it, but that's the good thing about having back-to-back daughters... I know it will get worn eventually, even if I have to do a little convincing!

Laura said...

Loooove the costumes! Drawing on pumpkins can be way more fun and artistic anyway :)

Guymons said...

Fun Halloween pictures...sorry about the homework. Our school tried something different this year....half days all week for parent conferences, then no school on Friday. Guess they didn't want to deal with post candy eating kids, haha.
Another thing I wanted to tell you was that----remember my blog post on "bullying"????? I got written up at work FOR THAT!!!!!!! My "reprimand" goes into my personnel file! Some parents complained to the principal about it stating that even though I didn't use any names, they could tell who I was writing about! She took their side and cited me for confidentiality breach! WHAT?!?!! It's confidential info that an unnamed kid called my son a "redneck"...I didn't even call him a bully, just asked if "my readers" (all 4 of them) thought it was bullying!!!!!

Martha said...

OMG!!! What!?! That's so crazy! I'm so sorry that there were repercussions from that blog post. You were just a mother, venting your anger at something that happened to one of your children. Aren't you allowed to take off your teacher hat on your blog!?!

Martha said...

Laura - thank you! and thanks for justifying my supreme disorganization! :)

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