Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Turn At The Rink

I don't get to watch Henry play hockey very often.  

Which is odd, considering that Henry plays on two teams:  our town team (which Gordy coaches) and a club team.  The reason that I don't watch Henry's hockey is because now that he is at the Bantam level, his practices / games are played late in the evening, long after little sisters go to bed and long after Mother has put on her pajama pants and glasses.  Even those games played earlier in the day are hard for me to get to. With three children playing on five different teams, it makes sense for Gordy and I to divide up the driving, the watching and the shivering in an ice rink.  I tend to do the soccer and the early afternoon hockey practices (Josie) and Gordy tends to take the late-night, extra-cold rink portions - especially the ones where coaching is required.  

This division works for us.

But every now and then, Gordy and I like to switch things up and get really wild and crazy.  And when those moments of insanity occur, I find myself dressed to face the frozen-tundra-like rink, cheering on a pack of 13 year olds while Gordy sits outside, in the sun, cheering on girls playing soccer.  

We're one wild and crazy couple, aren't we?

This past Sunday was one of those rare switch days.  

Gordy took Josie to watch Georgia play soccer, and I brought my camera and enjoyed the child-free peace of the ice rink.  

Taking photos of fast-moving skaters - through dirty plexiglass and without good lighting - is not as easy as you think.  I took about 200 photos to get 10 decent ones.

I had the most success when Henry was standing still.

Go figure.

I love watching Henry play hockey.  Each year, as the boys get bigger and more skilled, their game get more interesting.

The last few hockey games I've watched were Josie's Mite-level, half-ice matches which are very chaotic and free of most rules and associated drama.

Henry's game was a whole lot faster than the eight year olds.

The boys whizz from one end of the ice to the other and the action moves quickly.  There's also checking allowed at the Bantam level, and that was shocking to witness.  The checking isn't exactly NHL-violent, but it's still disconcerting to watch some lanky teenager, smash your son against the boards - and equally strange to see your peace-loving son return the favor a few moments later.

I enjoyed my turn at the rink.

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