Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rules The Home

Last night Josie had to look up the meaning of her name for a homework assignment.

We went on BabyNames.com (or some such website) and were shocked to find out that "Josephine" is Hebrew for "Jehovah add/give, increase."

What?  That's odd.

Of course we HAD to look up "Georgia."

Did you know that "Georgia" is the Greek word for Farmer?

Which is ironic considering that almost every flower that Georgia planted this spring failed to grow!

Names are rather odd, aren't they?

I looked up Martha, which I had always been told meant "Mother," but according to this list, "Martha" means "bitter."

Well, I never! 

I consider myself a very contented person, thank you very much.

We looked up "Gordon" next and found out that "Gordon" means "next to a hill" in Gaelic.  Which is also rather insulting to me, isn't it?

That left only one family member name to investigate:


Georgia (who is often being lectured to or instructed by Henry) suggested that "Henry" probably was English for "Bossy Pants."

She wasn't far off.  

Do you know what the name Henry means?

"Henry - origin: French, American, English, German.  Meaning:  "Rules The Home"

Good grief.   Henry's name is so accurate, maybe I AM bitter!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Fun! Might have to do that with my girls sometime and see if the meanings of their names fit them!

Martha said...

You should - it got us all laughing (which is hard to do once homework starts!)

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