Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday Soccer Practice

I'm sad to report that our new play yard is not getting as much use as we had planned.  While our neighbor is certainly thrilled with the peace and quiet, Gordy and I would prefer that our children be outside, kicking balls against the kick-back wall and screaming their lungs out in exercise/fresh air joy on a daily basis.  It's not that the kids refuse to be outside or dislike the play yard, it's just that school, school commutes, homework and sport commitments, keep them from doing so.  Weekends seem to be our only time for unstructured play and even those tend to be busy.  Determined to remedy the problem,  Gordy called Georgia outside for a soccer practice.

Gordy wore his famous 3/4-length soccer pants to demonstrate the seriousness of the practice.

Georgia just wore the outfit that she had worn the rest of the day - so confident was she in her soccer skills that she knew that she didn't need a special outfit to beat her father in a quick match.

Although by the looks of these photos, I can say that she didn't always play by official soccer rules:

I see those hands, Georgia!

Our play yard isn't long enough to play a full-field soccer game, so Gordy and Georgia improvised by bringing the ball back to one end of the court before approaching the net and scoring.

During the time that I was watching (and taking photos), I got to see them both do a victory dance:

Saturday afternoon was also the day of Georgia's friend birthday party and I was busy cleaning up the house and assembling my costume.

Henry was out with friends, but Josie joined Gordy and Georgia outside and played some soccer, too.

I'm glad they got outside to play on Saturday, since today it's raining and our day is busier.  Josie had an early morning hockey game (they won) and has hockey skills in the afternoon, Georgia has two soccer games and Henry has hockey and homework.  We probably won't have an opportunity to use the play yard today.  Our neighbor can take out her ear plugs and open her windows.

She can enjoy the day off from the noise and we won't tell her that we always have more free time in the spring!


Laura said...

Such fun pictures! I always to try to get my boys outside whenever I can!

Martha said...

Thanks Laura and thank you for leaving a comment! Our children don't get enough outdoor time, in my opinion.

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