Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Hanging Of The Banner

Remember last spring when Henry's hockey team won the State Championship and were therefore the best PeeWee Tier Two Large hockey players in the state?  

Just in case you aren't familiar with the crazy world of youth hockey, let me explain this victory in terms that most tv-loving Americans can understand:  Beauty Pageants.   After having won all the local pageants and being crowned Grand Supreme for the entire county, Henry's team went on and won the right to be called Miss Massachusetts and had it been an option, they would have been able to represent our state in the Miss USA pageant.  

Sadly, there is no Miss USA pageant for youth hockey anymore, so the team had to make due with local recognition, a photo in the paper and a banner-raising ceremony at our home hockey rink.

Coach Gordy gave a speech before the banners were unrolled.

He spoke about the hard work and dedication shown by the players (and their parents) and how exciting each step was along the way.

Gordy called all the players up to be recognized by the crowd:

I clapped loudly and took blurry photos through the plexiglass.

Believe it or not, but our town actually had a record-breaking THREE State Champion teams this year.  The Squirt Bs and the Midget U18s also won their division and had their banners unrolled, too.

The three teams posed in front of their team banners - which will eventually be hung from the rafters of the ice rink.  Little boys and girls just starting out in the game, will look up at the names and aspire to such State Championship greatness. 

Misses Massachusetts 2013:


Elizabeth said...

Beauty pageants! Misses Massachusetts! Tee hee.

I'm still giggling.

Martha said...

heh heh

Angie said...

Definitely something to be proud of

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