Thursday, October 10, 2013

We're The New Milton Bradley

We're still walking to school every day - rain or shine, snow or heat (I wish).  The only thing that gets us into our car in the morning is the rare extreme lateness or the occasional heavy project.  The three of us - Georgia, Josie and I - enjoy our walk.  It's a fantastic time to chat, work through anything that's bothering us before school starts and burn off a little energy before getting stuck behind a desk all day.  And in the fall, it is also the perfect time to play a good game of Chestnut War.

What is Chestnut War?  It's easy.

First you need a to find a chestnut tree that is located at the top of a steep hill.

And you need at least two people to make the competition interesting.

Pick up as many chestnuts as you can fit in your hand (while still holding your flute, if it's a band kind of day):

You may have to search the grass and under leaves to find the chestnuts:

Others are just resting on the sidewalk:


Then stand at the top of the steep hill and throw your first chestnut as far as you can:

If you throw them at the same time, it's easier to see whose chestnut bounces the furthest down the hill.

The chestnut that makes it the furthest is the winner.

Georgia and Josie invented the Chestnut Wars just last week.

It slows us down a little bit, but not too badly.  And the chestnut season isn't that long, so the game will be forgotten by November.

(see the chestnut bouncing down the hill the above photo?  Augh - and see that litter on the side of the road?  How horrible!)

We figure we're doing the wild critters in the neighborhood a service by moving the chestnuts closer to different trees.  Squirrels everywhere are thanking us for the delivery service!

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