Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Josie Does When It's Not Her Turn

When you have three kids and only two parents, it guarantees that at every activity there is one child participating and another child sitting on the sidelines, waiting for it to be their turn to play.  

That person used to ALWAYS be Josie but now that she is on both soccer and hockey teams, the child killing time on the sidelines is just as often Georgia or Henry.  

Watching your sibling play a sport is not the most exciting thing in the world and all three of our children do something different to pass the time.  Georgia, for example, brings a book and reads.  Henry is more likely to play a game on his phone or wander around.  

Josie.... well Josie does it all.

Today, she started out playing a game on my ipad.

Which is hard to do in the direct sun.

And when she got bored of that activity, she moved on to practicing her own soccer dribbling:

That got her heart pumping.

But there wasn't a whole lot of room for individual practice and Josie was forced to give it up.

She tried sitting on my lap and watching the game, but that got boring.

She tried to clandestinely confiscate my phone to text message Gordy or Henry, but I caught her in the act.  

She forgot a book and no one brought any coloring supplies, so she went back to the ipad.

But this time, Josie solved the direct sun problem:

It seemed like the perfect solution until an errant ball from the game hit her in the head and she decided to forgo the whole tent-shade concept for something a little safer:

Whatever works!

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Lisa Witherspoon said...

I would call that inventive! :-)

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