Sunday, November 3, 2013

13 Years: An Impressive Number, Right?

Well, our streak is over.  We managed to made it 13 years into this parenting gig before one of our children broke a bone.  But that's an impressive number, right?

Last Sunday night, I asked Henry to go to the garage and get Georgia's lunch box out of the trunk of my car (I was making the next day's lunches as I always do the night before).  While I was methodically bagging up pretzels and apple slices, I heard the trunk of my car open and then a loud and unusual scream.  It seems that Henry thought it a good idea to leap into the trunk but he failed in the execution and somehow bent his middle finger backwards while trying to catch himself from falling out the back.  We iced his hand and watched it swell to great proportions, but he could bend his fingers (our very ridiculously uneducated way of determining brokenness) so we figured it was only badly bruised and we didn't bother to take him to the hospital.

Fast forward one week, one monstrously swollen hand and one child unable to do much of anything.  We made the decision to take him in for x-rays.



He has the finger in a splint and mummy wrap now but sometime tomorrow, I will have to find the time to take him to an orthopedist and get a real cast put on.  That will mean canceling his already scheduled allergy appointment, a good deal of maneuvering around my own doctor's appointment and exercise class and probably missing some school - in other words: one enormous pain.  

I'm just hoping for the best and trying to think positively.  I'm currently taking a lot of deep breathes and  telling myself calming platitudes such as "it will all work out" and "what's done is done."  Mostly to no avail.  Perhaps it's time for me to start Tai Chi or TM.

The weekend wasn't totally stressful.  Last night, while Henry was sitting on the bench and Gordy was coaching Henry's hockey team, Georgia, Josie and I were in our cozy pajamas, getting ready for a relaxing evening.  Georgia was off to a "Glamping" birthday party:

Glamping is Glamour Camping, of course.  The party was a faux sleep-over, where the girls were going to make dinner, eat cake, watching a movie and dance - all in their pajamas.  

After a busy day of sports and homework assignments, the idea of being in pajamas seemed like a good one to us.  After we dropped Georgia off, Josie and I decided to have our own Glamping Party.

We put on our pajamas, ate some take-away food and watched a Modern Family Marathon on TV.

I've never been a fan of camping, but Glamping is right up my alley.

Henry's hand is supposed to take 3-6 weeks to heal.  That means 3-6 weeks of additional doctor's appointments, problems with typing (all of Henry's school and homework is done on a computer), missed hockey games and general surliness.  It's not ideal, but it's what we have to deal with.  

Here's to another crazy week.


Lisa Witherspoon said...

ASK FOR A WATERPROOF CAST!!! When Megan was 18 months she cracked her shin bone. On the advice of a friend, we asked for a waterproof cast. It made things so much easier. She could take a bath and even get in the pool with it. No covering it with a plastic bag or anything. Sometimes they won't allow it due to the type of break or the location and some insurance companies will not cover the extra charge. BUT - if you can get it, it is totally worth it. Good luck!!! (And 13 years is impressive. Megan only made it 18 months!)

Martha said...

Great advice!! I'll be sure to ask for one. Thanks.

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