Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Checking In With Henry

It's been three weeks since Henry broke his finger - and two weeks since he got his splint from the orthopedic surgeon.  Henry has become an expert in typing with one immobile digit and people have gotten over the shock of seeing Henry walking around, looking as if he is perpetually flipping the bird. 

For the most part, the splint has allowed Henry the freedom to do most daily activities while his finger heals.... and by that I mean most AVERAGE daily activities:  homework, school work, tooth brushing, dressing, eating.  You get the point.  

But the one thing Henry could not do with his splint was the one thing Henry enjoys doing more than anything else (and I don't mean arguing with his sister, that he did just fine broken finger or not).  For three weeks, Henry has not played a single minute of hockey.

It's shocking, I know.  And it's been killing him. 

Yesterday, we went back to the doctor's and Henry had another set of x-rays taken.  His break is healing nicely - so nicely that the doctor has given him permission to remove the splint and instead wear a nifty pair of velcro bandages.

And what's more, Henry has been given permission to resume hockey - provided that he keep his fingers velcro-ed together and is really careful.

The surgeon - who has hockey paraphernalia all over his exam-room walls - is obviously a fan of the sport and I'd wager that he's a hockey player himself.  Along with permission, he gave Henry and I rather complex instructions on how to doctor an old hockey glove to allow for two fingers to be held together during a game.

Last night, Gordy got to work, cutting out finger netting and separating the holes.

The finished product didn't even look altered:

What a relief!

And to prove that life really is back to normal, Henry refused to pose in his new hockey glove and threatened legal action if his face appeared on this blog (he was joking).

Broken bones aside, it's been a good fall for Henry.  He really likes his new school (I'd say love but what 13 year old really "loves" school?) and he's made some good friends.  We've settled into the routine of picking him up some days and having him take the train on others.  He even walks to Gordy's office on occasion, where he takes advantage of corporate wifi to do his homework, before bumming a ride home.  

If you see Henry, ask him to tell you about some of the people he's encountered on the subway - he's seen all sorts on that metro.  Dinner conversations are lively on Henry's train days.  

You might also ask him about his favorite class, marine biology.  He's been completely enthralled with the subject and he's done a few very interesting projects including a 3-D model of some beached whales.

We are all eager for Henry to get back to hockey.  Going without regular exercise has left Henry feeling a little hyper and a tad bored, but that will all change tonight with back to back practices!  

And we're off!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Glad he is healing and able to get back to hockey! My oldest would love that marine biology class - very cool!

Martha said...

Thanks, Lisa - yes, I agree. Marine Biology is a great subject to study!

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