Sunday, November 24, 2013

Checking In With Josie

I suppose this is now a series.  I checked in with Georgia and then I checked in with Henry - both of those reports dealt mostly with doctor's appointments and broken limbs.  I hadn't really meant to "check in" with Josie as well, especially since she has so far managed to stay away from the orthopedic department of our hospital (please don't let this jinx me!) but today, I found myself sitting in front of my blog with all the time in the world and yet without a real subject matter on which to write.  

We have been plenty busy, but not blog busy..... so "Check In With Josie" we will!

Josie has had a great fall.

She's still playing on her all-boy, Mite B hockey team - and holding her own, I would add.

She makes her presence known.  She's looking forward to her two Christmas tournaments.

We just got back from watching her team play at the coldest ice rink in that state (they lost, sadly, but played well).  She plays all positions except goalie although she would tell you that she likes playing defense the best.  

Josie also played on her town soccer team.  

She made her presence known there, too.  

Yes, there might have been a healthy amount of skipping instead of running, but she mades some good plays, scored a few goals and loved playing on a team with other girls.  After losing five games in a row, her team made an impressive come-back and won the next five or six games and then tied a game.  

Or something to that effect - the season seemed pretty quick (compared to hockey).

Josie is still playing the cello, although "playing" does not properly describe the action or the noise.  Screeching, perhaps?  Murdering?  Those words seem more appropriate.  If you find yourself within earshot of our house during practice time, you may want to invest in a pair of earplugs.

No offense, Josie.

Josie is also proud to report that she read an entire chapter book from start to finish (she's accomplished this feat before but this might have been the first time she read the whole book because she ENJOYED it rather than because her mother made her).  The book was Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume and it was a huge hit.  She liked it so much that she agreed to try reading Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great, but so far that one hasn't caught her attention.  

Third grade has been great.  Josie goes to school without complaint.  She seems to understand her homework sheets and she's willing to practice her math facts after dinner.  Gordy and I would compliment ourselves on our great parenting skills but the first two children proved that they are the rule and Josie is the exception.  

No offense, Henry and Georgia.

Josie is most looking forward to Christmas.  We don't have an advent calendar up yet, but Josie is unofficially counting down the days anyway.  She is half-way finished with her Christmas shopping and she has already picked out her dress.  She's probably better organized than I am.  

Let's have Thanksgiving first, though, Josie.  


Angie said...

She sounds like quite a gal! I know she sounds more organized than I am but of course that doesn't take much!

Martha said...

And me, too! I'm right there with you, Angie!

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