Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall: A Random Recap

This morning it was 24 degrees outside, which to my unscientific mind means that it is no longer fall in Massachusetts.  It is now winter.

To provide an official good-bye to fall, I thought I would do a Random Photo Recap of what the Elliots have been up to for the last two months.  And I don't mean the homework, the soccer practices, the hockey games and the carpooling (aka The Normal Boring Blog Fare).  I'm referring instead to the truly random photos taken between sporting events - the day-to-day moments that make it into the photo albums but not onto the world wide web.

Welcome to the blog, Random Fall Photos!

We will begin with a photo of me on a random Friday night:

Fleece pants, wool sweater, down vest, warm hat.... can you appreciate my silent protest against the tyranny of a certain husband who refuses to turn the heat on in the house until late October?

It's a sad day in Elliotville when a person has to dress like an Arctic Explorer just to enjoy a cold cocktail.

Random Photo Number two:

Josie did a project on the Wampanoag Tribe, specifically how they were dressed when the Pilgrims arrived.  She even presented it to her class and I heard it was very good.

Next up:  Georgia's Dr Marten's arrived:

Yes, we know they are pink - a color usually shunned by Georgia - but she made an exception since these boots were just so totally perfect.

And she's right... right?

A great many of my more recent photographs have been documentation of Josie's latest creations on the Rainbow Loom.  Behold a charm:

Please admire the sole-less sandal:

But ignore the long, dirty, polish-chipped toe nails.  Close ups of feet are never pretty.

I also had to document the very random sight I found in Georgia's room one morning:

A French-Irish Giraffe with a hurt neck is not what one expects to see lording over a child's bedroom on a sunny morning.

But it could be worse.  

We've had a lot of these random bugs in our house this fall:

I don't know what they are or if they are bad (and maybe you shouldn't tell me if you know..... okay, tell me), but they always look stunned to be inside and seem happy when returned back outside.  I saw the above little fellow watching me from my office window one afternoon.  

Perhaps it was an animagus?

I'm big on photographing critters, apparently.  The Below Random Photo is of the largest cricket we've ever seen.

He was outside (thankfully) and probably about 6 inches long.  I tried to get a real close up of the Big Fellow, but my camera wasn't cooperating that day.  

My final Random Photo for this fall recap is one that all my elementary school teachers will appreciate.  

I've always been terrible at reading directions... and even worse at following them and this attempt to make S'more Brownies was no exception.  The instructions clearly said to STAND BY THE BROILER and remove immediately after the marshmallows begin to bubble... but really, what do recipe writers know?

I chose instead to walk away from the oven and to read a few emails, which seemed a whole lot more productive.  Whoops.  At least I got a picture to mark my incompetence!

So Fall is now officially over (to me) and I welcome winter with open arms (and all-ready unpacked and ready woolly items).


Angie said...

LOL- That picture of you all decked out looking like you were going skiing just cracked me up. You just needed to add a little more punch to your glass, that would have warmed you up or at least made you believe you were warm!

I LOVE the Doc Martens! The pink is fabulous too.

What is that smores thing you were trying to bake? It actually looks good (except for the burnt) but hey I like my marshmallows burnt over an open fire, so maybe?

Martha said...

Angie - Good point! I should have added a smidge more vodka and I probably wouldn't have noticed the chill! The dessert was S'mores Brownies and they were very good. I'll comment on your blog with a link!

Guymons said...

I could comment on EVERY one of your blog posts! I get everything you are saying about your kids and life!!!! And the walking away with things on broil. When I do garlic bread, I actually SAY outloud, "If I walk away, this will BURN" and I always walk away and remember I am broiling it with my sense of SMELL!

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