Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guilt Trips

See this adorable face?

It's the face of an 8 year old who has gladly accepted her mother's guilt-induced invitation to travel to a new playground after school.  Why guilt-induced, you ask?


I had a bad, bad parenting morning and even 8 hours later, when I picked Josie up from school, I was still feeling terrible about it.

It all started with an early morning alarm and a quickly forming terrible mood.

My newspaper wasn't on my front porch this morning.

And Henry took a long time to wake up and get out the door.

And then I had my guest bed to make (my in laws are arriving today - HELLO!) and the girls to wake up and feed, and the daily laundry to put away....

And just when the day was looking up and it was time to leave for our walk to school, I realized that at some point last night, I left the kitchen and went to bed without making the school lunches.

And I NEVER forget to make the lunches.

And that's when the day went seriously downhill.  I asked the girls to help assemble the lunches...  no FIRST I asked Josie to get off the computer (on which she was illegally watching Rainbow Loom bracelet tutorials) and she ignored me, and then I asked Georgia to help me make up the snack bags and she (conveniently) remembered that she hadn't brushed her teeth.  And then I yelled at Josie to get off the darn computer and get into the kitchen and help me!  And then I yelled at Georgia to hurry up!  All while I was assembling the worst lunch ever brought to school and getting angrier and angrier by the minute.

I guess I'm not good at dealing with hiccups to my morning routine.

And that's when I started getting preachy (I tend to lecture when I get frantic).  

.... which led to Angry Words.  Which led to tears, abrupt departures from the car (we were too late to walk) and me driving off in an indignant huff.

Obviously, I wasn't proud of my behavior.  I hate the thought that my children are away from me feeling sad and I did feel rather foolish that I allowed myself to get so worked up over something so trivial.  

I spent most of the day thinking about how I could make it up to them --- while I was running errands and doing things around the house.  I don't want you to get the impression that I spent the day on my moping on my sofa.  

Georgia had a playdate scheduled at a friend's house after school, but we hadn't been able to find a free friend for Josie.  I decided that a field trip was in order - a Guilt Trip, if you will.  And I decided that the one place Josie would love to explore was a brand new play ground that just opened up in a neighboring town - one that we pass every time we pick Henry up from school.  This play ground has everything - a climbing castle, twisty poles, ladders, swings, slides, see-saws and even a zip line.

It was quick, easy and the perfect place to say I was sorry.

And luckily for me, Josie accepted my apologies.

We had a grand time.  

So grand, that Josie is probably hoping that I forget to make the lunches and pitch a hissy fit again tomorrow!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Aw! We all have those days. Tomorrow will be better. :-)

Martha said...

Here's to hoping! At least the lunches are done today!

Jean said...

I have been there! It is so upsetting when you get frazzled and the children get upset. Not a good way to start anyone's day. Know that you are not alone.

Making school lunches is the worst. I also try to make them at night, but sometimes am just too tired to do it. When I do have to make them in the morning, everything is thrown off schedule. The kids probably wish that they had bought a lunch when they open the bags at lunch time! ha!

Hang in there!

Martha said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Jean. It is great to know that other parents go through these same kind of things.

And isn't the bagged lunch process awful!?!

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