Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

After two hours, I have finally defrosted enough to blog.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We went to our town's annual high school football game this morning and it was FREEEZING.

We bundled up and brought a blanket, but it wasn't enough.

The wind could not be stopped.

Which was a shame, because the game was actually pretty good.  Our team never wins and yet by half-time, they had managed to even up the score.  

And if you think that's amazing (and you will, if you live in our town) check this out:

I got a photo (albeit blurry) of the elusive teenager in his outside habitat.

It's amazing, I know.

The kids and I stayed until half-time and then we left. 

I couldn't feel my feet, my hands felt like blocks of wood and I was shivering uncontrollably.

The children weren't much warmer.

The woman sitting behind me must have thought we were out-of-staters because at one point she told me that "in New England, you learn to bring multiple blankets."  

Which I already knew, thank you very much.

I may not be a true New Englander but I've lived here long enough to know the basics.

Gordy stayed behind and watched the entire game..... and here's the real kicker:  Our town WON!  In overtime, no less.  I've probably been to watch our high school football team a handful times, but they never win.  I'm slightly disappointed that I missed the victory celebration at the end.  

Oh well.

Next time, I'll bring more blankets and wear more layers and the team will probably lose.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  We're celebrating with a late dinner this year and one that is turkey-free.  I'll share photos with you all later.

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Lady Tara of Oxford Manor said...

Thinking of you all and am so thankful you're in my life still after all these years! AND, I'm pretty sure you gifted us our wedding china gravy boat and saucer from which we scrubbed off the stickers and used for the very first time tonight! With mushroom gravy purchased from whole foods, lest you think I've gotten all Martha Stewart on you…never fear! XOXO

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