Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Summary of The Last Few Weeks

As if to further emphasize my point that this shortened holiday season is causing me great confusion, I am starting this summary post with a photo from Thanksgiving.  

That's right.  Thanksgiving.

And I never posted it.


Perhaps this is a good time to tell you that we had our Thanksgiving dinner at our home with Gordy's mom and dad.  We didn't do anything fancy, but we did take some souvenir photos to mark the occasion.  The above was my favorite.

Right after Thanksgiving, the girls got their hair cut and styled.  Josie chose french braids:

And Georgia had her hair dyed a lovely teal color.

The color stripe was one of her birthday presents from Gordy and me.

Here is a photo of Georgia taken right before her recent band concert:

I still take photos of Georgia's outfits from time to time.  I liked her choice the other morning so I asked G to pose for a photo.  This is what I got:

Georgia does not like to put a good book down.

With our crazy activity schedule this fall, our time for homework is brief.  The girls sometimes do their homework in the car on the way to pick up Henry and other times, they do it between school and the first carpool.  I'm usually available to help, but there are moments when I'm making dinner or gathering up sports equipment and if a question arises, I'm grateful to Georgia for helping find the answer.

I caught Georgia helping Josie with English grammar homework the other day and thought it sweet enough to take a photo:

Josie has become Chair-girl of the Christmas Decorations Committee at our house.  And thank goodness for that, since I don't have time to do it.

Last weekend, I caught Josie outside supervising the installation of lights on our new large backyard spruce tree:

(and when I came out with my camera, Josie started to perform)

We don't have a tall ladder, so Gordy only wrapped lights around the bottom and middle of the tree, but the results are pretty and very festive.

Josie helped me put up the inside Christmas decorations, too - although we haven't yet bought a tree.  We always buy the last tree on the lot, so I can't blame the short holiday season this time.  

That's not to say that our house isn't decorated.  Josie and Henry have been bringing school-produced art work home for the last week.

Josie arrived home with this beauty:

The art teacher gave Josie the foot in the lower right-hand corner and told her to use it to make a larger drawing of her choice.  I thought it was adorable.

At his new school, Henry has had the opportunity to take two art classes - something he didn't get to do at his old school.  Henry enjoys art and I've always felt sad that there wasn't time for him to do an after-school art class before.  I think it's great that such a sports-oriented child can get a little creative time, too.

Plus I love a good rainbow window fish.

Henry's latest art lesson was an open project-type class.  He was allowed to do almost anything and he chose to do more than a few pencil drawings.  I think Henry is a great cartoon artist.  The faces he draws just kill me.  Check out this illustration of Steven Stamko:

And I really enjoyed his underwater creatures drawing:

... in particular this penquin:

Next up on the agenda?  A few school projects that are due next week, the purchase/decoration of our Christmas tree, the making of our teacher gifts... and the Christmas!  I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

We love the book Georgia is reading during her photo shoot :)

Martha said...

She loved it, too! In fact, I'd say it was one of her Favorites of the Year.

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