Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Fancy

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Meredith scheduled a special treat for the four girls.  We took a trip to Blo and the girls had their hair done.

Josie chose the "Holly Would" look.  The stylist washed her hair, blew it partly dry and then started in one some fabulous curls: 

Georgia chose the "Pillow Talk" look, but her "do" began the same way:

I couldn't resist a few photos of Josie mid-way through her style:

With all those pin curls, she looked like an old lady...

.... named Madge:

Oh Madge, I love your wash and set!

Eventually, Madge's pin curls were removed and Josie returned.

Her Stylist finger-combed the curls and gave Josie a bonus braid on the side:

Meanwhile, further back in the salon, Georgia was getting her own curls:

Her look involved less tight curls and more windswept waves.

Georgia's hair doesn't usually hold curls (or windswept waves) well, so I was impressed by her stylist's skills and hair gel.

The final results were adorable.

The girls loved the experience and the end product.

And I loved that it was mid-afternoon and they were all ready for Christmas Eve (no showers or blow dryers necessary).

If you find yourself in North Carolina, look up Blo and make yourself an appointment.  Theirs is a great concept and service.


Krissy said...

I learned how to do pin curls last year and I've been doing it on my own hair ever since. I finally did it on my daughters hair, which does not hold a curl AT ALL and they rock! They actually stay! Your girls hair looks beautiful!


Martha said...

Thanks so much, Krissy! And thanks for leaving a comment - stop by again soon!

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