Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in North Carolina

We just got back from Christmas at Southern Sister's new house in  North Carolina.  

Our entire family made the trip including my parents, Elizabeth, Sean & Owen and my Aunt Elsie.

And we all drove.

Yep.  You read that correctly.  We drove to North Carolina from Massachusetts and it actually was quite fun.

That's not to say that I wasn't glad to see the door to my garage at the journey's end yesterday.

This was Owen's first real Christmas as last year he was only five months old and not very aware of the holiday.  We enjoyed watching him admire the decorations, open presents and endlessly climb the stairs.  The life of a toddler is so very busy.

On Christmas Eve, we all dressed up in our finery and had the annual photo call:

As always, Josie posed willingly and Henry and Georgia posed begrudgingly.

I forgot to pack Josie's party shoes and Henry didn't have dress socks or shoes that fit his enormous teenager feet, so he went without.  The good news is that with Henry in bare feet and me in sky high heels, it meant that I was once again taller than Henry - a detail I found quite pleasing.  (see first photo).

I also got some great shots of Southern Cousins, Avery (l) and Lily (r):

And a photo of my sister Meredith with her two teenagers:

Christmas morning was also great fun.  We don't get up as early as we used to (thank goodness), but the excitement of coming down the stairs and seeing the presents under the tree is just as great at 8am as it used to be at 6am.

Josie got a letter from Santa telling her that he put Santa Money in our bank account so that she could buy a bicycle when we got home (he explained that it's hard to bring a bicycle in his sleigh and also he knew how difficult it would be for us to bring a bicycle back home with us).

Santa is such a thoughtful guy.

Owen unwrapped his share of presents, too:

His favorite were a school bus and a train which spelled out "owen."

There were the usual joke gifts as well.  Henry got a knitted, woolly beard:

We had a marvelous time in NC (more posts to follow).  Meredith and John's new house is gorgeous and it was great to be able to see their new neighborhood and to spend time together as a family.


Lisa Witherspoon said...

You were in NC?!?!? We should've gotten together! :-) Although, you probably didn't want the flu my family passed around in the days before Christmas~

Martha said...

Yes! I did think of you! And you are right - we definitely did not want any flus! It was a beautiful week in NC.

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