Thursday, December 5, 2013

Georgia Turns 11!

My first girl baby turned 11 the other day.

It was a school day, naturally, so we got up early to open presents.

Well, some of us got up early.  Henry was on vacation and he chose to view the presents later in the morning (also known as rolling over, pulling the covers up and imploring me to turn off the light).

Georgia got lots of great gifts including this pair of giraffe earrings from Elizabeth, Sean & Owen:

and she got a Kindle from Gordy and me:

Josie would like everyone to know that she would like a Kindle, too (even though she hardly ever reads and owns about a hundred physical books that she hasn't even opened!).

Georgia's other big gift was a new winter coat:

I bought Georgia a nice, mid-thigh-length down parka this year, which she has been refusing to wear.  11 year olds do not wear big puffy coats, apparently.

Which is interesting because Henry has told me that teenagers don't wear coats at all.

What is it about adolescence and wanting to be cold?

In our family, the birthday child gets to choose their birthday dinner and birthday cake.  Georgia chose a vegetable pot pie (thus ending a long run of getting Georgia to eat meat-based protein by making her a chicken pot pie) and a chocolate bundt cake with seven minute frosting.

Once again, Henry was absent.  He was at hockey practice this time.

I had Gordy deliver the cake to Georgia so I could take photos.

I was tempted to cut off his head - as he is wont to do when photographing me with birthday cake - but I didn't.  I'm more mature now that I'm in my 40s.

We got carried away with our singing.  Gordy and I attempted harmonies and Josie sang with gusto:

So good is our singing prowess, we should probably enter America's Got Talent this year.  

The Family Von Elliot

The cake was delicious (if I do say so myself):

7 minute frosting is a wonderful addition to a bundt cake.

So now Georgia is 11.  I guess that seems right, but it's hard to believe that she is so old and that she's almost finished with elementary school.  Georgia is truly a joy.  This year, at our bi-yearly conference, Georgia's teacher asked me to describe Georgia (which should really be another blog entry, since really, the parent-teacher conference is only 15 minutes long, shouldn't she be telling ME about my daughter?) and I thought for a minute before answering.  Georgia is perhaps one of the sunniest people I've ever met.  Things just don't bring her down.  That's not to say that she isn't ever sad or stressed or worried - she's all of these things, only just occasionally and with actual merit.

Georgia is a good student and loves to learn, and she needs to be challenged at all times (which is perhaps not happening this year, but again, that's a topic for another post).  She's willing to work hard and she's willing to admit when she doesn't know something.

Georgia loves soccer, books, reading, talking to friends and all things chocolate.

Georgia loathes hockey, big, puffy down jackets, any food that is not dairy or dessert, and early bedtimes.

She wants to be an author when she grows up.

And now she is 11.

Happy Birthday, Georgia!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Happy birthday Georgia!! I still believe that your Georgia and my Rachel would be fast friends if they ever met and had a chance to hangout together! Maybe someday . . . . :-)

Martha said...
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Martha said...

I agree! And I think so every time I read about Rachel on your blog!

Guymons said...

There's a little kindergarten girl at my school named Elliot....she's adorable, and has a HUGE personality...and I think of you and your family whenever I talk to her, haha. And I like your open presents early in the morning tradition. And have you ever shared your frosting recipe...looks GOOD!!! Happy late birthday to Georgia! oh and can I add your blog to my friends list, or would that bring unwanted traffic here?

Martha said...

Diane - Thanks so much!! I'd be so honored to be added to your friends list on your blog! The more traffic, the merrier. I like the tradition of opening presents early in the morning, too. The kids are so excited to open their gifts, it's hard to imagine making them wait. I'll leave a comment on your blog with that recipe. It's my all-time favorite but you need a hand-mixer and a double boiler.

Guymons said...

Do it, add me. I like when people read my blog (and comment) (and agree with me) (but not when they call my boss about stupid stuff, haha). I'm making the frosting for Bradley's birthday cake on Thursday! Cant wait to try it...and glad it's called 7 minute because...I am sort of impatient and if it wasnt called that, I'd probably try to beat it for 2 or 3 minutes, then decide it wasnt working....great name for a frosting

Terri said...

Happy Belated. Birthday

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