Sunday, December 1, 2013

Green Biscuit Practice Pucks Giveaway

It's Giveaway Time everybody!  Just in time for the holidays, Green Biscuit has offered my beloved readers the chance to win one of two free gifts:  The Blush Pink passing puck or The Green Snipe shooting puck.  

And lucky, lucky you because these off-ice pucks are truly amazing.   We recently had a chance to try out the same models that will be in the giveaway and the Hockey Playing Elliots (all three of them) report that these off-ice training pucks are worth their weight in gold.   

Not to mention a whole lot of fun.

Green Biscuit (Click Here to see their website) was founded by former-NHL player Tom Pederson.  You know Tom Pederson, he played in 240 games in the NHL for the San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He also played hockey at the University of Minnesota.  Tom invented the Green Biscuit because he saw a need for an off-ice hockey puck that would mimic the feel of a real puck on ice.  

Not all of us have 24/7 access to a hockey rink - even though Henry and Josie would certainly like to!  And yet, all kids find themselves with random blocks of time during which practicing hockey skills such as shooting and passing would be perfect time fillers.  My children would like nothing more than to be able to run outside with their hockey gear and spend a half-hour passing, shooting and just playing a little hockey.

The problem is that real hockey pucks don't work on driveways.  Passes go nowhere and shooting regular ice-hockey pucks on dry land involves getting out a heavy sheet of Plexiglas which (I'm told) is a lot of work for something that just doesn't feel the same.  The desire to practice hockey at home, doesn't trump the hassle and lack of enjoyment found off-ice.

From what we could see from their website, Green Biscuit pucks would solve all these problems.   Henry, Josie (and Gordy) were eager to get outside and give the pucks a try.  

And the verdict?  

Totally Amazing.

The passing puck (which is pink since 10% of the sale proceeds goes to the charity, Breast Cancer Connections) glided perfectly across our bumpy, asphalt driveway.  And the green shooting puck made that same uneven driveway feel as if it had magically turned into a smooth surface of ice.

The hockey players were in hockey heaven.

And I'm not sure which puck they liked more.

The Green Biscuit pucks allowed the kids to go through the same shooting and passing motions on the driveway that they would go through on the ice.  All three Elliots reported that the Green Biscuit pucks had the same feel and resistance as an on-ice puck would have in the rink.  

Who knew our driveway was such a great place for hockey practice?

Since this is a serious review, I played the role of reporter and asked the children to tell me what exactly they liked or disliked about the Green Biscuit pucks.  Neither child had anything bad to say about either puck.  In fact, the reviews were glowing.

Josie:  "They were great!  I liked passing the pink puck with my Dad.  It felt like a puck you'd use on the ice."

Henry:  "They were fun."

Ah.  Nothing like the verbose world of a thirteen year old boy, no?  

No one can say that he isn't succinct.  And yet Henry wonders why his English teacher's favorite comment on his essays is "write more."

Luckily, I can write more.  

The Green Biscuit off-ice pucks are perfect for hockey players of any age and they would make a fabulous Birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah gift.   Obviously, you can purchase a puck of your own through the Green Biscuit website, but wouldn't it be fun to win a free puck, too?  You deserve to have your very own Green Biscuit puck to enjoy.  I've set up a Rafflecopter link at the end of this post for you to enter the raffle, free of cost, by simply clicking on one (or all) of the options on the widget.  The more options you use, the greater the chance of your winning one of these wonderful pucks.  The contest will run for one week and you can enter each day.

You should also check out Green Biscuit's websiteFacebook pageTwitter accountand Pinterest Page.  These sites have great instructional videos, demos and drills, not to mention information about the products, the various models and how to buy the pucks on-line.

We are so excited about the Green Biscuit pucks and this giveaway.  Please help us spread the word about the raffle on your own blogs, facebook, twitter and pinterest pages.

Good luck!  

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Elizabeth said...

Girl! They look like jordan almonds.

Anita said...

I'd love to win the giveaway - but I think I'll plan on buying them anyway as great stocking stuffers for my nephews!

Martha said...

You won't be disappointed, Anita - these pucks are a lot of fun. But thanks for entering the contest! I hope you win!

Angela said...

Looks like another opportunity to shoo the kids outside with new sports equipment they'd love! Good thing my eight year old just signed up for hockey!

Caitlin Rae said...

Great pucks! Love that the kids can play hockey off ice. Thanks for sharing!

Guymons said...

I entered, but I too am going to buy some for the kids for Christmas....we've had that same problem as your kids when playing outdoors with other pucks! And my son has that same Backstrom jersey shirt!!!! Thanks for sending me here, this is great!!! So excited. And I've been wracking my brains for Christmas gift ideas. AWESOME!

Guymons said...

It says on the website they can be found at Wal Mart...wonder if that is ANY WalMart or just those near hockey loving areas? Need to check next time I'm there...if they don't have them, though, the website offers FREE shipping on all orders shipped to North America. (Although, my son in France would love some (and a stick))

Martha said...

So true, Angela! I love any excuse to get them exercising!

Martha said...

Thanks so much, Diane! I've been wracking my brain for christmas gifts this year, too! We are finally out of the plastic toy phase and now shopping it just a little more difficult (read: involves actual thought!)

I'm not sure about the walmart question - but I read about it on the website, too. That free shipping is really a smart thing to offer. Nothing bothers me about on-line shopping more than the ridiculous shipping costs!!!

Guymons said...

Bradley once ordered a skate deck online....and the shipping cost $10.00. When the package got here, the shipping cost the sender $, I bet THEY were mad, but Bradley didn't really add in shipping in his mind, so it is really an "extra" cost!! (I paid it for him.) I, like you, love free shipping offers!

Martha said...

Well at least you won that one, Diane. But I've also paid $10 for shipping to get a package that was shipped for $5!!! Maybe they should figure out a system to refund you money if the shipping ends up not being that expensive.

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