Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  Sorry for the blog silence - we've been gathering and visiting and all sorts of family-ing.  The only -ing I haven't been doing is blogging and for that, I apologize.  

What I have been doing is getting my fill of this sweet little boy.

and I've been enjoying following him around, listening to his fabulous babble and watching him move items from one surface to another.

On todays agenda:  a cousin soccer game in a local park, the girls are going to a Style Bar to get their hair done, and an obscene amount of cookies are going to be eaten by me.

It's Christmas and healthy eating is not allowed.

Merry Christmas!


Guymons said...

We were going to have a baking day....we made some fudge...after the fudge, everyone seemed to disappear. I asked Dax (son in law) what kind of Christmas treat he would like and he said Chocolate Chip Cookies (is that even a Christmas treat?), so I made some of them....and that's all we made...two things....that's enough junk anyway! but our "baking day" kinda flopped, haha.

cute toddler!!!! adorable actually!

Martha said...

Two kinds of cookies!!! Your family is obviously not Norwegian! :) Our cookie plate was groaning from the weight (and now we are groaning from the weight!) I do appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie, though!

Thanks! Owen (the toddler) is my nephew. He's 18 months now and a whole lot of work, but absolutely wonderful.

Merry Christmas!

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