Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On The Tenth Day of Chanukah...

Is it just me or has the later-than-usual Thanksgiving caused havoc in other people's holiday scheduling as well?

I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is only three weeks away.  There's holiday shopping to do, baking, decorating, holiday cards to send... it seems like a whole lot of activity in a short time frame and it's all I can do to keep it organized and on track.

Which explains why we didn't get around to our family Chanukah celebration until the 10th day.  Never mind that the rest of the Chanukah-celebrating world does so in a mere 8 days, our family likes to be different!  Our original plan was to celebrate Chanukah with a family dinner and then open presents sent to us by our beloved Aunt Lois and Uncle Harvey.  But we couldn't find a night during the actual 8 days of Chanukah when we were all home at the same time.  

So we changed plans and had an early-morning Chanukah breakfast instead.

The gifts from Harvey and Lois were the highlight.

Oh, how my children love opening presents:

Henry went first and opened this fabulous New York Rangers cap:

And then Georgia opened a lovely sweater/leggings outfit and Josie sulked since it wasn't her turn:

She was only kidding.  She was perfectly patient and quietly waited her turn.

Georgia received a wonderful "package of packages" that included note paper, a fancy dog pen, hairbands and other items.

Henry got a Rangers Fleece coat that made Gordy instantly jealous.  (Note to relatives:  Gordy would like a NY Rangers fleece coat, adult size L) 

Henry also got a mini-zamboni, which he used to clean the ice on our coffee table:

Georgia's favorite present was at first a great mystery.  It was a long zipper that said it was a pencil case.

It took us a few minutes, but we figured it out:

Pretty nifty, no?

But back to Josie, since she's been waiting so patiently.  Josie received her own Package of Packages and had a blast opening up each gift.  She really loved the J bookmark that had a high-heel shoe on the bottom:

We had a wonderful Chanukah and it was a wonderful start to the holiday season.

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