Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our First Batch of Krumkake

Behold!  Our first ever batch of Krumkake!

And now we pause for a moment so that all the Norwegians reading this blog will have time to snicker.

I'm well aware that the above cookie is more tube shaped than cone shape and that many of the cookies in the background are over-cooked.  Let me remind you of the title of this blog:  This is the FIRST time I've ever made krumkake.  And this stuff is not as easy as it looks.

We started out early in the morning by making the batter.  Josie measured flour:

And Georgia melted butter.

This took a while, obviously.

And then eggs were cracked and beaten and sugar and vanilla were added:

And then we refrigerated the product for a few hours.  

In the afternoon, Josie and I got out the Krumkake iron and set up shop in the kitchen.

A krumkake iron looks a lot like a waffle iron -- but with very thin plates and pretty designs.

I read my mother's recipe, read the iron's instruction book and then plunged right in.

My first two krumkake were less than successful.

I had a hard time getting the ratio of batter to iron correct.

And I had an even harder time knowing when to remove the cookies from the heated surface.  

Josie and I rolled these two up anyway for practice.

And that's when we learned three important things:

1.  You must roll the krumkake QUICKLY before they harden.
2.  Rolling a hot krumkake burns your fingers
3.  It's very important to put the krumkake on the cooling rack, flap side down.

 Did Josie and I get discouraged that our krumkake were perhaps not the prettiest?

Not really.  Okay, a little.  But we were determined to succeed and we knew one important fact.  Our plan was to give krumkake to the girls' teachers for a holiday gift and since neither teacher is Norwegian, we figured they wouldn't know that our krumkake were less than stellar.  

They tasted wonderful and that's what really matters. 

After our eighth or ninth batch, our cookies got better.  The trick, I found, was to cut the excess batter off half-way through cooking.

... and to simply discard those cookies that didn't really make the cut.

All in all, I'd say our first batch of krumkake was a success.  We've boxed up two tuperwares full for the teachers and I'll probably bring the rest to my Norwegian-ancestried pilates instructor (hi, britt!)

Batch two will be perfect.  I'm sure of it.


Guymons said...

do you have chickens??? if you do, just throw the excess and the "mistakes" out the back door, the chickens would gobble them up (that's what I do when cooking...haha) I've never tried krumkake, but it looks good, fun, but tricky! I would have NEVER thought to open it in the middle to cut the outer part off!!!!

Martha said...

Oh gosh no. I can barely keep my children alive! :)

I like the idea of an outdoor garbage disposal, though!

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