Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Report From The Desk Of The Chairgirl

One week ago, when it was becoming glaringly obvious that the old Chairwoman of our House Decorations Committee (me) was too old and lazy to fulfill her role, Josie nominated herself as a replacement.

And I quickly took her up on her offer.

Josie supervised the hanging of the outside lights:

And she unpacked all the holiday ornaments, trolls and trinkets:

And she posed for pictures which will no doubt be included in next month's Committee Newsletter.

Josie also accompanied her father to the tree lot and chose for our family the widest tree you ever did see.

I had asked for a small, skinny tree, but Josie over-ruled me - the choice of the tree is the Chairgirl's prerogative.

Later that night (while I was at a hockey rink with Henry), Josie, Georgia and Gordy decorated the tree.

And the next morning, I recreated the event so that I could have photos that weren't dark, blurry and full of shadows.

I rather like our plump tree.

It's pleasantly pear-shape and reminds me of my childhood dog, a bottom-heavy cairn terrier named Norman.

I'm also pleased with our new Chairgirl.  The holiday decorations are beautiful this year.  

When she comes back up for re-election, I plan to vote yes!

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