Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Fun Mom

In our old neighborhood, we had kids up the wazoo.  There were kids to the left, kids to the right, kids behind and kids across the street... all my children had to do was leave the house and it was instant playdate.  

And that was great - until the inevitable clash of personalities set in and quarrels and sharing issues arose (all the kids were in the 2-8 age range at the time).  Since I had a baby, a toddler and a kindergartener at the time, I was almost always outside with the kids and it was often up to me - the sole adult - to mediate fights, break up arguments and return stolen toys.

I was Mean Mommy of the Neighborhood.

And the sad thing was that turning into Mean Mommy happened so quickly and without my knowledge.  The other mothers were inside their homes and were unaware that their little precious was outside grabbing toys away from unsuspecting neighbor children.  It was up to me to create peace and try to soothe hurt feelings and in most cases, just the act of mediating caused more hurt feelings and anger.  

In every instance, one child thought I was great and the other thought I was evil.  And there wasn't much room for winning back the affection of the second group.  I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Our new neighborhood is child-free and in some ways the lack of children completely sucks.  Our children have to make phone calls in order to see their friends and the outside isn't guaranteed to come with built-in entertainment.

That's the bad news.  The good news is that we are able to limit our interactions to children who we actually LIKE and who are good sharers and well-behaved.  

And I get to be the Fun Mom now.  

How did I make the reversal?  

Ta Da!

That's right.  A baking play date.

Nothing says Fun Mom more than letting kids bake and eat some cookies.  In this case, we used a mix that Gordy's mom brought for Thanksgiving.

Josie and her fabulous friend, E, opened that tin and got to work.

 Both of these girls are the products are co-op nursery schools and are therefore excellent measurers, mixers and instruction followers.

This is a huge bonus when trying to be Fun Mom.  It's hard to stay Fun when there is a mess being made or when sugar is flying around your kitchen.

Since this recipe only consisted of a few added ingredients, the "making" of the cookies really concentrated on the rolling of dough into balls.

Which is like play dough and therefore, very fun.

The instructions called for enormous cookies, and that is what we made.

I let the girls do their own rolling and their own cookie shaping.  These were well-massaged cookies.

The only thing I didn't really allow was dough tasting as Fun Mom is not the mom who sends a food poisoned child home.

Luckily this fact did not turn me back into Mean Mom.

The cookies (which were the size of dessert plates) were wonderful.

Fun Mom let them both eat two and we made up a plate for E to take home.

I'm enjoying my new role and I haven't missed my old one even a little bit.  

Maybe I should have sent the girls around to our myriad senior citizen neighbors with Thank You For Not Having Young Children cookie plates.  

Maybe the next time!

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