Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Making of Block Bobby

Josie has been working on a school project for the last week.  Her assignment was to make a musical instrument that could play both high and low notes and both loud and soft sounds.

Georgia did this same assignment in third grade and she made a water flute out of glass bottles.  Josie wanted to do something completely different, so she spent some time on the internet researching homemade musical instruments.

The model that caught Josie's eye was a homemade thumb piano and it looked relatively easy to make.

We used a block from our toy collection, popsicle sticks and bobby pins (cut in half).

Josie started out by gluing two popsicle sticks together and then gluing the result onto the block.

Once all that glue had dried, Josie placed the bobby pins along the popsicle sticks and arranged them in order of long to short.  

These were held in place with tape.

The last step was glue another popsicle stick on top:

The last step before the decorating began, I mean.

Josie used colorful duct tape and glittery star stickers.

Josie's thumb piano (which she named Block Bobby) works pretty well.

She put on a concert for Henry and I yesterday afternoon.  You have to put pressure on the top of each bobby pin before you strike the "key" but the instrument definitely fulfills all the projects requirements and it looks better than it photographed.  

Josie was very proud of her instrument and went off to school today with her head held high and her block bobby (or bobby block as she wrote on the side) carefully wrapped in a bag.

I used to dread projects like this when Henry had to do them.  The first time through, projects seem overwhelming and time consuming, but by the time your third child reaches project age, there's no time to worry or over-think an assignment.  

And I'm happy to report that with the exception of cutting the bobby pins and holding down the popsicle sticks while they dried, Josie did the entire project herself.  

And that's pretty good work, I'd say!  


Guymons said...

your comment about worrying less about projects like this on your third child is so true! the other night Andrew did a REALLLLLLY bad job on a week long projects worth many points. I went over the rubric with him and told him that out of the possible 88 points, he'd get 28...he fixed a bunch of things, was up late that night, and got a B on it! I didn't do anything and was probably a little mean in my comments, but on the first kids, I would have pushed them aside and took over....that is NOT necessary!!! Bobby Block is awesome! And I enjoyed the photos! You are so good at photographing things!!!!

Martha said...

So true, Diane! I would have done the same thing with Henry. And thanks for the photography compliments. I have a good camera which is the my greatest skill!

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