Sunday, December 8, 2013

We Were Five of The 18.5 Million

We watched all three hours of The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood the other night.  

We were so excited, that we raced home from hockey practice and ate dinner super-quick, so we'd be ready.  

Since it was already eight o'clock, we put on pajamas and made sure that we were ready for the long program by doing stretches and gathering up pillows and blankets.

Henry and Gordy were in the kitchen, studying for a Spanish test, so the girls and I watched tv upstairs in our bedroom.  Watching upstairs had the added bonus of being easier to put the exhausted children to bed once the show was over.

The program (in case you missed it - but how could you have missed it?) started off with gorgeous church music sung by Audra McDonald and the rest of the nuns.  Georgia and Josie were enthralled.

By the time Maria arrived on the scene, the three of us were already singing along.  Sing with us, you know you want to!  "The hills are alive... with the sound of music."

Here is a photo of Josie, mid-song:

The show was based on the theatre version of The Sound of Music and it definitely had the feel of a Broadway show.  I will always love the Julie Andrews movie best, but this Sound of Music was really great.  Carrie Underwood was perhaps not the best actress, but her acting didn't detract from the performance and her lovely singing voice more than made up for her lackluster acting skills.

And besides, the show was LIVE.  Maybe the poor girl was just really nervous!

While we loved the show, we hated the commercial breaks.  The commercial breaks were way too long and way too Walmart-centered.  I for one would have liked there to have been less commercials so that the program could have been cut to two hours from three.  Eleven o'clock is late for young children who had school the next morning.

And speaking of children, Henry joined us once homework was finished:

and a few minutes later, someone else came upstairs:

Gordy would like the internet to know that he was coming upstairs to go to bed, and NOT to watch The Sound of Music.  

Which is true, sadly.  He didn't watch a single minute nor did he sing along.

He's the Grinch Who Stole The Sound of Music.

Henry didn't stay long either.  He went off to take a shower and he was in bed before the credits rolled. The rest of us stayed up until the bitter end.

Three hours, strained vocal cords and three exhausted Elliots later, we were ready to call it a night.  


Lisa Witherspoon said...

I have never been able to convince my girls to watch the movie. Can you believe that?? However, they are big Carrie fans so they DVR'd this one and have watched it over and over. :-) It's fun to hear them running through the house singing the songs!

Martha said...

Really? Well, I guess it's a hard plot to explain!

And I'm not surprised that they are singing the songs - they're contagious!

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