Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Trip To The Park

On our last day in North Carolina, we took the kids to a local park to burn off some energy before the two day car-trip home.  We started off on the playground, but then something else caught our eye.

The park had a Play60 Kid Zone set up and we HAD to check that out.

Josie and Georgia got right to work on the obsticle course.

Josie ran over / on the ground tubes.

... and then she made it past the squishy stand-up tubes (don't you love all my technical football terms?)

She climbed up the walls...

and did a sprint in the timed-run area.

Her last act was to run up and down the angled walls and then finished with a good victory salute.

Meanwhile, Georgia stayed put on the timed run area.

She had to wait for the younger kids to finish their turns, but once they had left, Georgia dominated the dash.

... until Gordy saw that it was actually being timed and then he had to take over.  The two of them ran races constantly until it was time to leave.

We did drag them away for a few minutes.  Just long enough for a cousin swing session and to do some climbing.

And where was Henry?  He was there, too.  Although, wearing a knee-immobilizer and not really doing too much physical exercise.  Last week at hockey, Henry got illegally smashed into the boards and the result was a gash to his knee that required 5 stitches.  Because of the position of the injury, Henry has to wear a knee-immobilizer until his skin can heal.  And of course, he's not able to play hockey until it heals either.  

It's been a bad month for Henry injuries.  We all hope that 2014 will bring a little less drama!


Kristin @ Mommy Miscellaneous said...

That looks awesome! I wish we would have something like that here in NJ. My kids would love playing at a park that has something like that. :)

Guymons said...

That looks SO fun What was YOUR time in the timed running area???

Did you watch the 24/7 the other night when a guy got smashed into the glass/boards and it somehow SLICED his elbow. Ewwww and Ouch. I can picture Henry's gash probably looking like that guy's elbow and I can understand why he would need the immobilizer! Poor guy. You can think of it how I'm thinking about Logan Couture's injury....good rest for the playoff push! haha!
I love how you have your camera with you a lot and that you are an excellent photographer!

Martha said...

Kristin - It was pretty awesome! And I'm not sure if I knew that you lived in NJ. I was born and raised in NJ! We drove through my old town on our way home from NC and stopped for crumb buns at the local bakery. I miss NJ very much (especially when it's freezing and snowing non-stop in MA!)

Martha said...

Diane - Yes! It was exactly like that!!! Henry's been in his leg brace for almost 4 weeks now and he's SO over it! And now the darn thing squeaks when he walks which is even more annoying. We're hoping Thursday is the last day. He is so eager to get back to hockey.

And thank you for the photography compliment. I do carry my camera around a lot but I give the credit for the good photos to the camera itself.

Guymons said...

I never know how to reply to a comment on my blog...because I don't think people will come back later and read my reply to their comment, so I came here to write to you about your comment and you replied to me here, so I guess I should just comment in my comment section to you...haha!!!

I wrote that "athletic kids" thing then Bradley read it and said "what was your point?" so I told him in verbally and he then said again "what was your point?" so, it did feel like I was rambling when I was writing it...but I'm sorry if it read as rambling too! haha!!!!

Thanks for your comment, though. I love being a sport parent. I love that my kids play, but I am realistic that they are the ones who should be enjoying it, that it is NOT for "me".

Have you been following long enough to know about all of Melanee's college soccer success??? I can't take credit for ANY of that... She peaked at the right time, worked HARD, and must have some natural talent, but it sure was fun to go through all that success with her and now have something to brag about (haha).

You are a great mom!

I'm glad Henry is letting it heal properly...he'll be thankful in the future...even though it is SO HARD now.

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