Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

We eschewed wild and crazy New Years parties for a family celebration at home.  

Okay, I lied.  We didn't get invited to any wild and crazy New Years parties.  Everyone we know was off skiing.

Gordy worked a half of a day, Henry hung out with friends and the girls and I puttered around the house.... until 5 o'clock, when we started our celebrations with some cocktails.

Gordy made Shirley Temples for the kids.

Shirley Temple Recipe:

Equal parts ginger ale and lemon-lime soda, a splash of Grenadine and a couple of maraschino cherries thrown in for good measure.

For the adults, I made Pear Prosecco cocktails.

Recipe:  equal parts Pear Nector and Cranberry juice, fill half-way up a glass and fill the rest of the way up with Prosecco.


Happy New Years!


Lisa Witherspoon said...

Happy New Year to you too! Those cocktails look relish!

Martha said...

Thanks Lisa!

Tara said...

Next time you're mixing up some fancy cocktails, you ring me sister! I'll be on the next plane…(Ok, I wish. Sometime soon, I hope!) xx

Martha said...

Oh Tara, I wish, too!!!! I think about you almost every time I make myself a good cocktail (well, the first one at least!! ha, ha!)

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