Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hot Tubbing

Meredith and John bought a new house last summer and the adults were all excited to visit and take a good look around.  The kids, on the other hand, couldn't have cared less about the new house - what they were interested in was on the outside... the Southern's new house has a hot tub.

On Christmas Day, after dinner, the girls all put their swimsuits on and mentally prepared to run the 20 feet from the kitchen door to the hot tub.  

It wasn't a warm night, that's for sure.

Josie was the first to take the plunge.

She raced from the warm kitchen to the warm hot tub in record time:

... and she was rewarded for her effort, by the comfortingly warm water:

The adults joined her - for a minute.  It was really cold outside.

It took Georgia, Lily and Avery longer to get up the nerve and go outside in their swimsuits.

But once they did, the smiles returned.

This isn't just your average hot tub.  It has changing disco lights, too:

Funky, no?

Watching all that steam rising from the tub, and feeling the bitting cold around me, I was tempted to join the girls.... but I didn't.  

I was smart enough to figure out that the trip back inside - this time wet - was going to be even harder than the trip to the tub had been!


Angie said...

That might just be the coolest hot tub ever. I totally would have been in it with the girls. I couldn't have resisted the warm water and those super cool lights!!

Martha said...

Oh Angie, I do hear what you're saying, but it was WAY too cold for me to go in that hot tub! And I hadn't brought my bathing suit, anyway!

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